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RECAP- True Blood 6×05 Fuck The Pain Away

16-07-2013 23-58-39

The Hunger Games in True Blood

Stakes are getting higher and sharper in this week’s episode of True Blood. The number of our favourite vampires being locked up is rising by the episode. The camp is now hosting vampires: Jessica, Pam, Eric, Tara, Steve Newlin, the Governor’s Daughter and who knows who else. Eric has been fighting against other vamps in tests set by the camp and his final opponent ends up being Pam.  She has been super pissy with him since he stopped being her maker, so who knows if she will actually fight. A major character is going to be killed off soon and I am worried it is going to be Pam by the looks of this scenario.

When will this ever end? The Governor’s daughter isn’t having the best time either. She didn’t get any special privileges in the camp. She is stuck in some private cell being monitored by a pervy guard. Eric knows she is there so I am guessing he will be the one to save her.  Tara is sharing cell quarters with a high on fairy blood Jessica and some uber sexy unnamed female vamp. I could smell the sexual tension between her and Tara, it was like an episode of Oz.

Elsewhere we get to learn more about the origin of Warlow and see what his intentions are with Sookie. Soon after Sookie attacks Warlow, we learn that Sookie’s parents were in fact trying to kill her on that bridge when they were killed. Warlow was trying to save her when he killed them. But why did Claudette try to kill Warlow?? Was he too tempted by Sookie’s blood?? It also turns out that Sookie was being given to Warlow as a pact of marriage not death. Because of this, Warlow has been in love with Sookie for yonks. Creepy.

Not only do we learn about Warlow’s ties to Sookie’s parents but also his ties to Lillith. Lillith was the one who turned Warlow into a vampire/faery which explains why Bill can compel Warlow. Lillith believed that Warlow would be the saviour of all vampires. Has it something to do with his blood being synthesized to save vampires from a true death??

After Warlow was rejected by his tribe, he killed them all the members because he was tempted by their blood. The tribe members lay in ruins (except Sookie’s great grandfather who was safely tucked away in his tent) and as an act of guilt and revenge he killed Lillith for turning him into a monster.

17-07-2013 00-00-57

Lillith sees the light.

When Warlow escapes Bill will he get with Sookie?? Will his blood actually change the vampire rule book by allowing them to walk around during the day?? So much could happen.

Elsewhere Sookie is reeling from the news that her parents tried to kill her because of her gift. They didn’t want Warlow turning her into a vampire so they could be together forever; so they decide to end her life completely. When Sookie decides to stage an intervention using Lafayette’s seancing ways it doesn’t end well.

17-07-2013 00-00-23

In to the boot you go Sookie…

Lafayette gets possessed by Sookie’s father and decides to finish what he started by trying to kill Sookie again. Eeek hope she can hold her breath…


16-07-2013 23-58-09

No need to say anything else…

Jason has a reunion with two exes this week when he has sex with Sarah Newlin. She decides to bail on the Governor; for at least one night anyway. All that changes when Jessica arrives on Jason’s doorstep high from drinking all but one of Andy’s daughters dry of blood. When Sarah realizes that Jason has had sex with a vampire she loses her shit. She notifies the anti-vamp police and they turn up to arrest Jessica. Jason feels guilty and decides to make plans to save Jessica. His plan is to join the anti-vamp police. Hopefully Jason will free all the vampires and we can all sleep soundly.

In shifter, werewolf news we get to see varied emotions from Alcide.

16-07-2013 23-57-50

angry…angry and angry

Yet again another pack master gets drunk on power and is killing anyone who questions him or his pack. On his quest to find Sam he manages to abandon his father. But when his father spots Sam in a parking lot, we still have to wonder whether he will go running to Alcide. Hopefully not, I am totally anti Alcide at the moment. He was so nice in the books and now he is a dick. Sam however is moving on with his new little pro supernatural protester. Poor Luna, she is a distant memory.

In human news, Andy is grieving for his dead daughters and Terry has asked an old friend to kill him. I totally forgot he killed that old army buddy last season. I don’t see his friend going ahead with the killing for some reason. He looked suspicious and his interests peaked when Terry told him who he killed. What is up to??

Good episode, they need less werewolves though. I am bored of angry pack masters.


RECAP- True Blood 6×04 At Last

13-07-2013 00-15-55

I didn’t see that coming…

Plot twist time, we should have been more suspicious of this new character Ben because it turns out he is Warlow. Not only is he a powerful vampire but he also has fairy powers. Sookie is fooked. It isn’t long before everyone is clued in on Ben’s real identity and the Stackhouse family get their plans in action…separately though. Jason and his great grandfather attack him without haste but it backfires.  Jason is glamoured and walks away from the situation while his great grandfather is then thrown into the wormhole place that Warlow was trapped in. What a predicament!! And all because Warlow wanted to save Jason’s life by making him drink his blood.  Who would complain though because it brought about this delicious scene:

13-07-2013 00-34-57

Nobody does homoerotic scenes as good as True Blood.

Sookie’s plan to kill Warlow however seems to be going a lot better. First she poisons his food with silver but it doesn’t have any effect on him. When that doesnt work, she charges up her fairy magic just in time for the episode to end. ARGH!!! Considering that next week’s episode is entitled Fuck the Pain Away, I am assuming things change and they screw.  Maybe Warlow isn’t as bad as we think. He did after all save Jason. 

Elsewhere Sam is on the run from Alcide’s pack and he lets us know what he has in common with a horse.

13-07-2013 00-18-33

Just kidding, he shifts into a horse soon after.

Yet again, Sam and Lafayette’s storyline takes the form of small vignettes. They seem to be getting progressively longer through so next week should be more juicy. Sam clearly has gotten over Luna because he kisses the protester woman by the end of the episode.

 Bill is still on a mission to get fairy blood synthesized so that vampires will be immune from a true death. Unfortunately it requires a lot of fairy blood to experiment the process. Queue an angry Carrie like Bill.

13-07-2013 00-19-20

Enter Andy’s daughters. They have yet again gone through another quick stage in life and are now teenagers. Jessica joins the gang of girls and brings them all to Bill’s mansion. Bill seduces all the girls to get some blood but when they rebel against Jessica, bloodshed ensues. Jessica gets super hungry and seemingly kills the girls.

Eric still on a mission to get revenge on the Governor turns his daughter to a vampire.

13-07-2013 00-19-46

She is delighted and is loving her new life as a vampire. Unfortunately when Eric reveals that he turned her to teach her father a lesson she gets super pissed. She can’t argue though as he compels her to confront her father. It doesn’t go too well because the confrontation takes place on front of Sarah Newlin who takes matters into her own hands and shoots her.

Not only is Eric’s new protégé on her way to the vampire camp but so is Eric’s sister Nora and his other successor Pam. Everything is coming together for Bill’s vision of a vampire apocalypse to come to fruition.

I am loving this season so far. The story lines are all strong (no matter the amount of airtime they get). Maybe it was a good idea for Alan Ball to step down.

RECAP- True Blood 6×03 You’re No Good

And the plot thickens…

As we seen last week from Bill’s vision, there is a vampire apocalypse upon us and all our favourite vampires are due to die. We also seen in his vision that Bill could walk in the sun…

01-07-2013 19-27-33

That didn’t work out so well…

Even though Bill cannot walk in the sun, it is more obvious that vampires are in actual trouble. The dreaded image of a camp like state was uttered by the Governor of Louisiana’s daughter. Spilling to Eric, we learn that vampires are being experimented on and killed. This explains how the Governor has learnt how to bypass glamouring. With Bill suffering from some sort of messiah complex, he believes that he can save everyone and stop the apocalypse from happening. First he sets Jessica off in search of the rumoured creator of True Blood, secondly he visits Sookie. He wants a sample of her faery blood believing that he can synthesize it and save vampires from facing a True Death. How did that go??

01-07-2013 19-31-27

Not so well, Bill basically recreates Carrie by tearing up Sookie’s home and throws plates around with his mind. When Sookie won’t help him by offering up her blood, Bill throws his toys out the pram and says she is dead to him. I am sensing they won’t have many scenes together this season. Plan B soon arises though when Bill becomes aware that Andy is the father of 4 teenage faeries.

Elsewhere we get a little look at this camp that the Governor has created to extinguish vampires for good.  Steve Newlin is just one of the vampires being held captive there and meets one of his captors; his wife.

01-07-2013 19-29-28

Sarah Newlin is now highly involved in politics. Her theory is, being a politician makes it easier for her to get God’s work done. She is now wealthy after writing a book about Steve turning into a vampire and abandoning the Fellowship of the Sun, but the money has done nothing for her vendetta against him and vampires. She is behind the extermination of vampires via the concentration campesque idea 100 percent. I do love the progression of these characters on the show. They originally started as religious cult co-leaders and now she is planning on having him burnt alive by the sun. Where else do you see that?

A little Faery update, Sookie’s great grandfather has found out that a good majority of Faerys in Bon Temps have been killed by Warlow. He found a Faery struggling to live and from my prospective he killed him?? Or does the trip back to Faeryland look horribly painful. Now I am even more suspicious of him. He also met with Ben who knows about Warlow too. What is going on? And who is the vampire who attacked Ben in episode 1???

Minor stories this week: Alcide is just getting angrier and angrier. There should be a drinking game for every time Alcide grunts or growls in an episode, you’d be tipsy after a single scene with him. He is also losing control of his pack. They killed a bunch of protesters hoping to help Shifters and Werewolves get more rights. While that was happening, Sam managed to get Emma back from the pack.

Eric is trying to figure out how to get back at the Governor for stealing his bar and having violence against vampires become legal. He is holding the Governor’s daughter ransom and it isn’t going to plan at all. First they have no place to hide her because Fangtasia is too obvious, secondly when they do hide out in Ginger’s house they are found pretty easily when they trace a call to Eric’s phone. Tara runs off with the Governor’s daughter so who knows how that will go down next week.

Jason is also getting weaker and weaker by the minute.  He is a little bit more sane though than previous episodes.

Very good episode, I am beginning to enjoy how the minor stories are developing. I think the amount of time that each storyline will differentiate as the season progresses. I hope so anyway because it would mean seeing more of lesser seen people in the next couple of episodes. Poor Lafayette, every time I see him there is a kitchen in the background. Get him outside!!!!

RECAP- True Blood 6×02 The Sun

So turns out we were wrong that Jason was sharing a ride with Warlow, but this definitely has to be him.

24-06-2013 20-23-27

Quite an entrance.

It turns out that Jason (in True Blood fashion) has randomly met his great grandfather. And quite the grandfather he is. Like a scene from the Princess Diaries, Sookie finds out that she is royalty. Fairy royalty in fact but it comes with a price. Warlow has been obsessed with Sookie’s family for thousands of years. If I understood the family tree properly, Sookie’s great uncle made the pact (the one that Warlow could have Sookie) hundreds of years ago. Claudine managed to protect Sookie by launching him into another realm, which of course worked until now.

Finally we are getting some fairy answers and I am liking it. Hopefully we will see a flashback of the pact being agreed, I do believe there is more to that story than what we’ve been told. Sookie is learning more about her abilities, well while she still has them. Apparently if she practices enough she can create some supernova effect with her light and kill any vampire she wishes.

24-06-2013 20-56-27

Practice makes perfect.

I doubt that will go to plan, somehow I see her killing a vampire we already know. There have been rumours of a main character being killed so maybe that will be what happens!!! Sookie also met a new fairy character played by former Eastender Rob Kazinsky. The actor recently admitted he is pretty much naked the whole season. Who wants to make a bet that he is mostly naked with Sookie in the room??

While Sookie learns about her family history, Eric is trying to get some inside information about the Governor of Louisiana. He plans to glamour him and get him to make things go back to normal. This of course includes a disguise.

24-06-2013 21-15-29


Unfortunately the Governor is well aware of vampire’s abilities and is wearing special contact lenses that work against Glamouring. Eeeek… The government has also created bullets that radiate UV lights. We seen Tara get shot with one last week, luckily it was quickly removed. When the Eric’s plan fails he is ordered to be moved to some sort of facility??? They didn’t count for Eric’s flying abilities though and then this happened.

24-06-2013 20-53-41

…to hot floating creep.

Eric clearly the master of Plan Bs has moved onto the Governor’s daughter. She is contact lens free and at his disposal.  This facility that the Governor mentioned just screams concentration camp….more on that later.

Bill is in a dream like state for the majority of the episode. His entourage goes heavy on the sissy walk. Watch the girl in the very back, she is working that runway. She owned those quick 20 seconds of a bloody nudity scene. Her mother must be so proud.

24-06-2013 20-18-50

Bill’s Angels

Bill has gained some Bruce Almighty powers by being able to hear the pain of vampires around the world. It is soon revealed that Bill  has the ability to see into the future. With that revelation, we see a glimpse into the future and maybe the season finale (I am guessing here).

24-06-2013 21-01-12

You don’t want to look up.

First there was a concentration camp like facility now there will be a gas chamber (this one however has a skylight with a lovely view of the sun). This season is getting creepier and creepier by the minute. The vampires are going to be hunted down and persecuted like what was done to minorities before them. True Blood has always had nods to discrimination that is present in our lives today. Especially evident with the “God hate Fangs” sign seen in the titles at the start of every episode.

Besides those three main stories, there was small vignettes you could say featuring a couple of the minor characters.  We see Sam and Lafayette getting attacked by Alcide. Alcide has gone power mad and wants Luna’s daughter to be in his pack. There isn’t much more to comment on about that. We also see Andy pleading to Maurella to come and help him with his now 4 toddler daughters. They are growing at a rapid race so who knows what age they will be next week. Also Nora believes that the vampire bible was translated wrong, hopefully more on that titbit next week.

Good episode this week, the minor storylines (Alcide, Sam and Andy) are getting smaller as the weeks past. I hate it when they barely use fan favourite characters. The actors will get tired of having barely any screen time. Hopefully their roles will bulk at the season progresses.

RECAP- True Blood 6×01 Who Are You, Really?

True Blood is going through some changes this season, For starters Alan Ball is no longer the show runner. Time will tell whether this will be good or bad for the show. I am a massive True Blood fan so I am hoping for good. Last year got confusing with the Lillith storyline, so hopefully with the new show runner it will find new interesting grounds to work with.

Last season we seen Bill die and then come back to life all in the span of 2 minutes. When we first see Bill this season, he has lost his mind and clothes but gained some new powers. The ability to make stuff shake, who doesn’t love that power. He also can’t killed by a stake through the heart which Sookie has learnt this week. 17-06-2013 19-44-16

That awkward moment when you try to kill your ex and it doesn’t work…

Hopefully Bill moves on with this whole “I am a god” phase and just start stalking Sookie at the bar again. I miss those days. I was surprised at the lack of Bill scenes but I am assuming it has to do with him (Stephen Moyer) also directing the episode. 

This season we are going to be seeing more into Sookie’s family history considering the vampire who killed her parents has arrived in town. Enter the ORIGINAL master from the Buffy flop 1992 film. Warlow, the former ghostly vampire apparition has took physical form and looks like he ready to cause some trouble!! He even looks like he is still dressed in character for Buffy. 

17-06-2013 19-43-29

This should be interesting and from the sounds of Eric’s sister, he is related to the Lillith storyline. Hopefully Sookie’s wasting powers get a recharge and she can zap his ass away. She won’t have any help considering she kicked Eric out of her house only a few minutes after he gives her back her grandmother’s house.  All done with a simple contract:

17-06-2013 19-46-06

Sookie, seriously get some pens for your house. 

Yes in vampire tradition, Eric signs a contract with his blood and hands over the house to Sookie. His sister looks super pissed about it and will no doubt do some snooping in the future. I am assuming she is becoming a regular this season. 

What is everyone else up to? Jason is still seeing the ghosts of his dead parents and is anti vampire again. He also has a little run in with Warlow. Andy is struggling to come to terms with the fact he has 4 fairy babies and thank god they are growing at a rapid pace. By the end of the episode they are like 5 years old,  hopefully by next week they will 18 and we can have some cool new supernatural characters. Alcide is being….17-06-2013 19-44-57


He is now pack master and from the looks of it POWER MAD. If it involves him being naked more I’M IN!!! His girlfriend has gone all kinds of crazy though, apparently she enjoys being his “NUMBER ONE BITCH”. I am assuming that soon changes, jealousy just seems worse for wolves. Do you all remember his ex girlfriend Debbie who came for Sookie with a gun 2 seasons ago???

Tara and Pam are feeling the pain of the new regime of anti-vampires floating around Bon Temps. With vampire run establishments in trouble no doubt Pam is going to be looking elsewhere for entertainment. The hate towards vampires is being spear headed by the Governor of Louisiana. He is up to something and I haven’t a clue what it is?? Why is he looking to make alliances with the makers of True Blood? Does he want to poison it?? Colour me intrigued. 

It was a good season opener overall, I was hoping for more of an altercation between Bill and Eric but that didn’t happen. Hopefully drama will heighten and the cast and plot will be more unified. It just seems like so much is happening that it is hard to remember everyone that is involved in the show. For example, I felt Sam and Lafayette had a very small role in the first episode. Sam got two scenes and Lafayette got one with Sam. Hopefully they will see more airtime later on.

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