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RECAP- Pretty Little Liars 4×06 Under The Gun

Last we seen Hanna she was being hauled in by the cops because they found her with her father’s gun. She spends the entire episode being held captive by her now ever-present father who is trying to keep their family intact. I love how when his ass on the line (for having an unlicensed gun) his daddy instincts kick in. Unfortunately things do not get any better for the Marin family as the gun matches the gun that killed Wilden. Not only that but the bullets have Hanna’s mom’s fingerprints all over them.

31-07-2013 22-51-28

Don’t worry because of Fifty Shades of Grey handcuffs are in this season…

Elsewhere, having some itchy feet Spencer decides to go on a little road trip with Toby. Why the solo gig Spencer, why no help from the other girls? Well, Mona blabbed about the fact that Toby stole the RV and handed it over to A. She also blabbed about the little detail of Spencer knowing about it for weeks. The girls get their cold shoulders on and throw Spencer some shade for the rest of the episode.

Spin-off alert, Spencer and Toby travel to Ravenswood. This is the location of the new show on ABC Family where Caleb is set to move to. It is like every Hitchcock film rolled into one. Did anyone else wonder whether those creepy birds would attack? They bump into Ms. Grunwald (the den mother of the sorority house in the previous episode). She is playing all kinds of stupid and gives Spencer no leads. She is so suspiciously alike to Ali, they have to be related.  LOOK…

31-07-2013 22-50-15

Is that Ali wearing prosthetic make-up??

So feeling like they wasted a whole lot of time and gas, Toby and Spencer decide to leave Ravenswood but spot Shana. But in PLL fashion before they could get any info out of her, she sped off in Jenna’s car. Thank god for small town traffic because there easily could have been a collision.

Emily collided with the police this week when she made a big move in trying to help out Hanna’s mom. She got her hands on the footage of Jenna and Shana helping out Wilden after Hanna’s Mom ran over him with a car. Unfortunately Captain Obvious Emily just left the footage laying on the main detective’s desk for all to see. Does she not know by now to keep her cards close? When Emily is brought in and questioned about the footage she gets a surprise when she realizes the CD had been replaced by somebody else and they also forged her signature. Check out the footage that it was replaced with CREEEPY.

31-07-2013 22-49-16

Those masks are becoming hella creepy already.

At the end of the episode we see Red Hood wearing a Emily mask behind the wheel of a car. Oh the drama of it all?? What is A up to?

Finally Aria has been trying to stay away from anything A-like and got her tutor on. Specifically with a team-mate of her brother’s. When the lesson is over, he makes a move and kisses Aria. How could she blame the boy, she is the one who always gets all hot and bothered by teaching. As she laughs it off, she soon finds out that the boy has been bragging around school that they hooked up. Feeling embarrassed she confronts him in the locker-room to set the story straight and the conversation is overheard by Ezra. When he tries to help, she warns him that he lost his privileges to help when they broke up. Harsh Aria. A couple of hours later and the boys car is totalled.

31-07-2013 22-48-18

The message is loud and clear: Don’t fuck with Aria

There are so many culprits that could have done this but my money is on Ezra. He looked way too innocent in that locker room to not retaliate.

This week’s episode was very good, the story lines have gotten very separate due to the girls having their disagreements (or in Hanna’s case being trapped in her house). I like that because it means the girls are all actively making bold moves to find out more about A. The Ravenswood trip just seemed like a bit of a waste, I can see that it was a little bit of a teaser for the spin-off but in actuality a spooky town a show does not make. I need more juice in my spooky towns.


RECAP- Pretty Little Liars 4×05 Gamma Zeta Die

16-07-2013 20-58-32

Fabulous new look Ms. Marin

This week we learned that Hanna’s mom would look amazing with a pixie cut, even if she disagrees. Hanna hasn’t been sleeping very well and has been having dreams of her mother switching her louboutins for an orange jump suit and sandals. As Ms. Marin speaks to Spencer’s mother about legal advice, Hanna freaks under pressure and steals the gun from their house. After four seasons the girls are failing to sense when there is an emergency and Hanna is ignored by all three girls. Feeling antsy she plays McGyver and uses a glass as a shovel to make a grave for the gun. Unfortunately the cops are already on the look out for Hanna and interrupt her mid-digging.

16-07-2013 21-02-10

Busted: This does not look good.

Why were the girls so preoccupied that they weren’t paying attention to Hanna’s cries for help. For one, Aria is dealing with her mother questioning her decision to leave the country. Just as she was packing her bags her brother demands she stays. And while we wonder why on earth Ella should leave she gets attacked by a bunch of bees.

16-07-2013 20-59-55If this was Charmed, those bees would be on fire along with the car.

Aria adamant that her mother must leave goes in search of help. Who does she approach? Only Ella’s ex who persuades her that it is his turn to play parent (because apparently he hasn’t being one for a while). And then in an historical moment on Pretty Little Liars the whole Montgomery family are in the same room. Prepare your shocked face.

16-07-2013 21-12-45

Believe your eyes, IT HAPPENED!!

I think Ella may live this season. I just have a bad feeling. All the cast members have been sending her tweets as if she off set a lot. COME BACK ELLA!!

Equally distracted were Spencer and Emily this week as they visited a nearby college. Spencer is there for A business (she found out that the number the parrot was singing has a similar area code to the college) and Emily might be interested in attending. The girls squabble over Spencer looking down on the college (while Emily wants to go there). Spencer also accuses Emily of seducing the guy trying to get them both in their desired colleges. Who knew Emily was such a man eater. Things get heated and they separate at the sorority party. Whilst learning about a sorority house (which could obtain her a scholarship), Emily learns about a stern den mother who used to have the sorority house on lock down. Who is this woman and why does A have a framed photograph of her???

16-07-2013 21-09-59

She kind of looks like an older Ali. Could she be her real mother, grandmother?? Who is this woman??

While Emily learns about college life, Spencer learns the insides of the sorority house!! Like a scene out of Pyscho, Spencer finds a hidden den inside the house.

16-07-2013 21-01-36

Run girl Run

The den has a rocking chair and a creepy pink phone. The phone number is the number that the parrot memorized. What is going on?? Who was Ali calling in this den, the den mother??

So many new questions arose from this episode. I am assuming all the girls will attend this college even Spencer. They can’t all go to colleges around the country. It wouldn’t work. Maybe one of them will fail their exams or A may frame them for cheating in an exam or get them expelled from school. Either way, they will all be living close to each other. I doubt A could terrorize them from Rosewood if they are all over the place, but who knows.

Loving this whole den mother mystery already and it has only begun. WHO IS SHE???

RECAP Pretty Little Liars 4×04 Face Time

Melissa must be not making many appearances this season because the girls took action this week. They weren’t pussy footing around her at all and set up a little trap. It was really not like them. You can tell why they don’t act like spies often..

03-07-2013 21-53-51

Who doesn’t see two creeps at your window??

The girls use the mould of Melissa they found last week to confront Melissa on her dealings with Wilden and Ali. When Melissa drives to the mould makers workshop she starts to destroy the remaining masks of her. Spencer confronts her and we finally get more some answers. Turns out Melissa made the same deal as Emily with the artist  to find out information on the Ali masks. We also learn that somebody was controlling Wilden and making him force the Melissa, Jenna and Shauna into doing things for A (Halloween fiasco and who knows what else). Wilden also started the fire in the lodge. Melissa also thinks that Ali is alive which means she definitely wasn’t involved in killing her. After we find all that juicy stuff out, Melissa vanishes.  Just as Aria is about to join the conversation. I definitely think that Spencer knows more than we think she does. I’m watching you Spencer, that conversation definitely didn’t finish there.

Aria was very quiet this week, she revealed to her new martial arts teacher that she was with her old teacher. And then things got awkward and he bailed. But it was an open ended bailing. She can pretty much call him later on but he was a little taken back by the whole situation.

Things however were not as quiet for Hanna as she is covering to the cops for her mother and doing a crappy job of it. Especially when her Mom makes this face when the cops open Wilden’s safety deposit box on front of her.

03-07-2013 21-51-38

Not suspicious at all…

Hanna’s mom is just looking crazy suspicious at the moment. This new cop that is in charge of the Wilden’s case is not taking any shit either. Perfect casting by the way, big Roma Maffia fan since Double Jeopardy. Hanna tries to sway the cop’s interest in her Mom by making them look into Melissa. Unfortunately that doesn’t work and they just push her and her mother into a corner. Questions for Hanna’s Mom are: Whose gun is in the safety deposit box? and simply What were you doing in Rosewood when you were supposed to be in New York??? Also work on your keeping it cool face.

Somebody else who is suffering from “stressed out resting face” is Emily.

03-07-2013 21-52-05

Take it down a peg Ems

Emily decides to play it cool and confront her doctor about the misunderstanding surrounding the medication. She then realizes that he is the one who reported her to family services initially. She starts to act frantic and only makes it more obvious that she is being abused somehow. We must remember that she actually is being abused by A and now all that past behaviour is now being pointed at her parents. Emily is cracking on front of our eyes because of A and it is all being blamed on her parents. With Emily’s father back in town, she is not going to get away with anything. He is in the army remember, they can be pretty strict. No more investigations in the middle of nowhere for you.

Emily also finally reveals to Paige that she injured herself because of A and they both deal with the possibility of Emily’s scholarship dreams no longer being reality. What way will this show go when they leave high school?? Will they even go to college??? I have wondered about this for so long. The books haven’t even took place after school yet. It is on book 13 or so and they only just went to prom.

In other news, Toby found his mother’s doctor who is now living in some sort of home. He doesn’t make a whole lot of sense because he seems to be suffering from dementia. He even warns Toby’s mother (as if she were alive) to stay away from that ‘blonde girl”.  Is he losing his marbles or is Toby’s mother actually alive??

In new Ali news, Ali was desperate to get cash off the mould creator Hector?? Like crazy desperate. Why did Ali need money so badly?? What were you up to Ali???

A much better episode than last week, I always love an episode with a flashback of Ali. It makes it seem like we are actually getting somewhere. Last week confused me because they were adding so much without properly explaining it.

RECAP- Pretty Little Liars 4×03 Cat’s Cradle

03-07-2013 21-02-46

They are onto them…

The cops are getting crazy close to the girls this week as Hanna stumbles upon a white board full of suspicion. Saying that, nobody is higher on the lists of perpetrators than Hanna’s Mom. Her innocence is becoming less likely as we find out more. She clearly hasn’t thought through her alibi as she went missing in New York as Hanna finds out that instead of going to a broadway show like she said, Hanna’s mom was M.I.A. Where did she go? Back to Rosewood to kill Wilden? It seems way to obvious for the culprit to Hanna’s mom. If signs show it is her this early in the season then it can’t be her. She definitely was up to something though, her ex husband’s gun is now missing and she was looking for money. What have you been up to Ms. Marin?? It is probably something innocent like hiring a hit man and then she thought he went through with it since Wilden was killed. But they will eventually find out Wilden was killed before the hit man could get to him. I like how I think that is innocent.

The parents are getting heavily involved in A’s schemes this season as Emily’s mom has become another of her targets. Suffering from the pool accident last week, Emily visits her doctor. She lets slip that she may have tried some medication (that was prescribed to her mother) and now family services are keeping close eyes on them. It probably didn’t help with this little scene was reported to family services aswell.

03-07-2013 21-01-39

Know your audience Emily’s Mom

I love how family services didn’t get involved in the Pretty Little Liars books when some of the girls were kicked out of their homes. Aria for not telling Ella that Byron was cheating and Emily for being gay. When we start to think that this whole family services thing is non A related, Emily receives a text from A with a photo shopped photo of her Mom behind bars. Eeek, the parents are not getting off easy this season.

Somebody must have been listening to me last week as the majority of reoccurring characters have returned.


Caleb, Melissa and Ella all returned this episode and they all brought the drama. Caleb has been doing his own digging and found out about the whole gun fiasco with Hanna’s mom. Caleb is looking less suspicious as the episodes progress. I am guessing we are going to adore him by mid season when he is due to leave for the spin off show.

In other news, Ella was asked by her new beau to join him in Austria. Ella says no but when Aria sees that the other girls are having parental issues all relating to A she convinces her mother to join him. I am beginning to think that Ella may do it because she was credited as special guest star. She went from reoccurring to that, doesn’t look good for Ella.

Melissa is acting all suspicious again, I thought she was playing nice but that ended abruptly. She was supposedly in DC?? Sharpening her horns me thinks. The girls  look into Ali lookalike masks and come across an artist who made the mould of Ali’s face. Why on earth did Ali want a mould of her face??? To get information Emily agrees for the artist to have a mould of her own face. Although they are pretty slow on the uptake and barely ask him any questions. Aria gets her nosey on and finds a mould of Melissa’s face BUT WHY!!! What is this whole mask thing???

Spencer being all secretive with Toby breaks into Radley to get a better idea of how Toby’s mother killed herself. Turns out it would have been near impossible for her to jump from the window (mentioned in his mother’s file) and not land on the roof below.  Hmm things are not adding up right?? Where is all this going?

Alot of things were brought up this episode that it made me feel HMMPH and just plain confused. What will all this masks thing add up to and why is it important? Why is Melissa also having a mask important? SO MANY QUESTIONS

RECAP- Pretty Little Liars 4×02 Turn of the Shoe

tough crowd

Tough crowd Mona…

It doesn’t take long for Toby’s actions last week to start making the liars shake in their boots. The lair is gone and with it a whole lot of evidence that could get the girls in trouble and all eyes are on Mona. Fortunately for Mona, 5 minutes later she is attacked within metres of the others by A. Is Mona A’s new target or she is trying to make it look like that? During the attack Emily is injured, not a big deal for the other liars but Emily is on track to get a swimming scholarship to college with Paige.


She couldn’t have found a swimsuit with sleeves.

Emily feeling the pain resorts to medication. It is obvious that this scholarship is her only way into college because Maths is not her best subject. She clearly counted her tablets wrong and konks out in the middle of a race. It is not looking good for her future. And here we all were thinking she would escape A’s clutches…

Emily isn’t the only one having issues with colleges, Spencer just a rejection letter from one of hers. Isn’t Spencer a super genius? How did she not get in? Maybe it has something to do with her lurking around dead bodies and spending all her free time learning how to translate parrot speak (keep reading).

Spencer learns from her clueless moment last week and smells Toby’s odd behaviour. He cracks and tells her he gave A the lair. We learn that Toby’s mother suspiciously killed herself in Radley. According to files A has obtained, his mother was on the road to recovery. Has Toby’s mother got something to do with Ali’s death or the A Team?

Maybe all the parents have some secrets because Hanna’s mom is looking extra suspicious this week or maybe it is just the lighting they are using on her:


Her phone was found in Wilden’s coffin and now a suspicious pair of dirty heels. What has Ms. Marin been up to?? Hanna is on her case so I am assuming it something innocent. I am thinking she went back to the forest and seen his body was gone. In other Hanna news, she has some creepy interactions with Ali’s mom. She reveals that Ali used to hold her breath to get what she wants. Hmmm is that possible without holding your nose too?

19-06-2013 17-53-46

Ali’s mom such a gullible woman.

We also learn that Ali tricked her mom into having the girls over to their summer home. But the girls never went and beer cans were scattered around the house soon after? Who was Ali hanging round with?? Hanna also meets an old friend of Ali’s: her grandmother’s parrot. And that parrot is full of clues. God knows how Spencer got a phone number from a tune the parrot was singing. REACHING MUCH!! I will always be suspicious of Spencer. LET IT BE KNOWN.

Aria is at a loss this episode, she has no teachers to kiss. She rectifies this issue by going in search of martial arts lessons. Her teacher is of course is ugly and the lessons are strictly professional.


Within minutes of the lesson this happens….

Aria turned on by his teaching way makes a move and bolts. Even though he barely knew her name, he turns up at her house and asks for a date. Is this another suspicious character to look out for? There are so many at this point.

With this new cop, Ali’s mom and now this martial arts teacher are we meeting too many new crafty characters. A majority of the old suspicious characters are just gone. Melissa? Jenna? Wren? CeCe? Jason?? They better not end up dead, that is all I am saying.

RECAP- Pretty Little Liars 4×01 A is for Alive


They clearly have a funeral section in their wardrobes….

The liars are back and it looks like they are adding a new member MONA!!! Has she been rejected by Team A or is this another notch in Mona’s master plan to destroy the girls?? For almost 2 months we have been wondering “What the hell is in the trunk?” It was too clichéd to be a dead body, so of course it was a rotting dead pig. I was kind of hoping for it to be Melissa to really shake shit up but no…eventually a new corpse arrives in the form of Wilden. No longer will the girls be harassed by the cops or will they? Mona gets her  espionage on and steals the harddrive with the video of Hanna’s mom mowing down poor Wilden in the first place. Is she looking to get some brownie points from Hanna or is Hanna’s mom in on all of this aswell???…. SOOOO MANY QUESTIONS

Weave Watch:

Fresh from promoting Spring Breakers, Ashley Benson had dyed her hair brown so obviously didn’t return with her signature blonde locks for Hanna. This week I learnt fresh new ways to hide the fact that I’m wearing a wig.


wig 2

We do approve of her new dirty blonde hair seen in the funeral scenes and wherever else she wasn’t hiding her lace front.

Other new plot points in the season include Paige getting all pushy with Emily to move to California with her after high school. Damn girl why you gotta be so clingy. Something obviously happens to botch that plan, if you’re a popular regular in a television show you do not leave the state to go to college. Sorry Paige, Emily is staying put.

Ezra is playing happy families while again putting Aria in an awkward position by returning to teach at her school. That boy is getting sleazier by the second.

12-06-2013 20-42-37

You just know that he is waiting his time before he makes a move on her…..

Spencer is yet again being a dumbass and trusting her boyfriend completely especially when just a few days ago he was off doing WHO KNOWS WHAT for A.

12-06-2013 20-45-55That face just screams I JUST GOT THREATENED BY A….

Have we ever seen Toby’s mother before? I am assuming she went missing and obviously his father went and got hitched with Jenna’s mother. What a predicament he has got himself into and of course he caves and gives A the lair by the end of the episode. Hopefully he will have redeemed himself by emptying the damn lair of all incriminating evidence against the girls.

And finally….

12-06-2013 20-49-46

Did nobody else want to go over and snatch at that bitch’s veil?? This is Rosewood people, when you see somebody as suspicious as that in your vicinity you must corner them pronto.

This season premiere had it all: dead bodies, funeral, a new threatening cop, new suspects, vague answers (as usual) and a cryptic message from Jenna (is she being killed or just off to enjoy her maternity leave) .


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