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NEWS ROUNDUP- King of Queens 2.0

What started as a guest appearance is now a series regular gig for Leah Remini. Remini starred in the two part finale of her former co-star Kevin James’ series Kevin Can Wait. Remini and James previously worked together on King of Queens. 
Their successful partnership is obviously something the network couldn’t pass on so Leah will return next season in a more permanent role. Kevin Can Wait should just be called King of Queens 2.

This comes after Remini’s pilot What About Barb? failed to make it onto the fall schedule. 


NEWS ROUNDUP- Netflix cancellations continue, Sackett Sisters not picked up by NBC

If you believed all your favourite Netflix shows were immune to cancellation than you were gravely mistakened. 

In the last two weeks, Netflix has crushed hearts by canning The Get Down and most recently today Sense8. 

The series ended on a cliffhanger and we may never see justice for the sensates in the nearby future. This is rather disappointing because from my perspective the series could have been finished in one bumper episode like thw Christmas special. 

Although Bloodline was confirmed to be ending, the series finale has baffled fans far and wide. Did we really see the Rayburns get their comeuppance or do we have to assume it? It wasn’t a satisfying end by any means. 

Netflix’s CEO has come out and said that “Our hit ratio is way too high right now,”. “So, we’ve canceled very few shows … I’m always pushing the content team: We have to take more risk; you have to try more crazy things. Because we should have a higher cancel rate overall.” 

Seems like they are making room for more riskier projects. Not sure how Sense8 wasn’t seen as their riskiest show.  It featured a highly diverse ensemble cast whose filming spanned the world, covered issues like gender, sexuality and race. How was Sense8 not a risky project, the mind boggles. 

The petitions and twitter hounding for Busy Philipps and Casey Wilson’s new pilot Sackett Sisters to get picked up has come to an end. Busy confirmed via her Instagram stories that the project will not be going ahead. NBC has passed on it. 

Once the show wasn’t announced for NBC’s fall schedule, Philipps started a campaign to pick the show up. 

Sackett Sisters followed two estranged sisters who perform an act of public heroism and must deal with their new found fame. It was to be exec produced by Tina Fey so hello why didn’t this happen. SHAME ON YOU NBC. 

NEWS ROUNDUP- Snow White film controversy, Supergirl’s ‘Reign’ cast! 

Promotional material for the new animated film Red Shoes and the 7 Dwarfs has been released and people are not happy.

The film is about the famous character Snow White wearing magical red shoes that change her appearance. The caption of the poster reads ‘What if Snow White was no longer beautiful’. This message is horrific considering Snow White in this feature isn’t a stick figure. So should we believe that according to this children’s film that anyone with a few pounds on them is ugly ??

The film stars Chloe Grace Moretz and Gina Gershon, hopefully we will see a more positive body message being pushed in future posters.

Moretz has responded to the poster since and doesn’t seem happy either.

Sounds like there might be more to this film’s plot than what the poster is showing.

This years Supergirl finale teased the appearance of Reign. In its final scene, some sort of gentically modified being followed baby Kara’s evacuation ship and fans wondered their identity. All signs pointed to Reign a Wordkiller. Think of her as the female version of Doomsday.

News has come that Reign has been cast, Odette Annable will be taking on the role. Her biggest role was in Cloverfield. It will be interesting to see whether she will a hidden adversary to Kara or will she be in full Reign makeup ready to pick a fight in episode one.

Considering her role is a series regular, I’m assuming Reign doesn’t know her true heritage so expect a slow reveal of Reign.

NEWS ROUNDUP- Sense8 Renewal, Wonder Woman Reviews are in. 

Word has come from Brian J. Smith one of the main stars of the Netflix series Sense8 that the show may get the axe.

The series has yet to be renewed but the cast are still under contract for a potential third season. This is a expensive move to keep a cast on hold despite no actual official renewal.

Fans have been tweeting up a storm ever since to ensure a renewal. Some may say that it is a loss cause but NBC’s Timeless was officially canned to be renewed days later due to fans petitioning for its renewal.

If the series were to be cancelled it would follow in the footsteps of The Get Down and Marco Polo.

The reviews for Wonder Woman are in and the majority are positive. This is one of the first DC films in a long while to not be massacred by reviewers. Wonder Woman is rumored to take a more lighter tone than we seen in Batman V Superman which was particularly sombre. It has gotten the best rotten tomato score than any other DC or Marvel film.

Hopefully with the good reviews we will see people running to see it in the cinema. We haven’t seen a female comicbook superhero helm a major superhero film since Catwoman and Elektra graced our screens. And we all know how well they did 😦

NEWS ROUNDUP- Scandal Episode Count, Kim Kardashian on WWHL

Scandal is ending its run next year with a final seventh season. Today it has been announced that it will end with 18 episodes.  They packed in a bunch of drama, twists and turns this year in its sixth season with 16 episodes so I can see them ending with a BANG! 

This will be the second  Shonda Rhimes project to finish up recently. The Catch was cancelled this year after two seasons. 

Kim Kardashian appeared on Watch What Happens Live and took part in Plead the Fifth. Andy asked Kim what is the chance of her mother Kris Jenner speaking to her ex Caitlin Jenner. 

Kim quickly replied 2 percent and that two represents Kendall and Kylie. The reply is not surpising considering Caitlin has bashed Kris again in her new tell all book. 

TELEVISION- A Buffy Reunion? 

My Scooby senses are tingling that a Buffy reunion is taking place. 

Sarah Michelle Gellar posted this photo and my ears perked. What are you up to Buffster? 

This was followed up by another post by fellow Buffy star, David Boreanaz. 

He appears to be onset with Charisma Carpenter ANOTHER Buffy star. The plot thickens when Sarah Michelle posted another pic. 

She is photoshoot ready and promoting nail polish created by David Boreanaz’s wife Jamie. 

I think they are taking part in a photoshoot for Entertainment Weekly centred on reunions. For special reunion editions of their magazine, Entertainment Weekly have reunited several casts from iconic shows and it looks like Buffy could be its next. 

Check out some of their past reunions.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer celebrates its 20th anniversary this Friday (March 10th). 

TELEVISION- Please Like Me… Season Four was its last. 

Josh Thomas has confirmed via his twitter that season four of Please Like Me was its last! You can read his reasonings in the pic above. 

If you’ve watched the last season you won’t be surprised. It felt final for me anyway. 

The Australian drama slash comedy lasted for 32 episodes and followed the life of Josh as he comes out to his family whilst also dealing with his mother’s mental illness. 

If you haven’t watched already,  get on it. 

NEWS- Vicky Pattison joins Loose Women. Does she suit the show?


Vicky Pattison has been confirmed that she is joining the long running ITV series Loose Women. On her last appearance on the show, Vicky proposed that she should start a late night version of Loose Women called Loose Lasses.
A few weeks pass and Vicky joins the show. I however prefer the idea of Vicky’s proposal. I can’t see us getting the true Vicky with her constantly censoring herself.
Loose Women are trying to gather a younger audience with the help of Vicky however will they enjoy a morning show Vicky?
Vicky has a way with words however those words usually have a swear word amongst the bunch. I don’t think the star could be her brash self on the show if she is constantly trying not to swear or offend viewers.
I hope her appearance on the show goes well but I do believe she would suit and excel on a late night television show format.

NEWS- Fashion Police on Hiatus

How can this show survive another hiatus and another change in the line up??

The show has pulled away from judging fashion to mocking looks. I think Kathy Griffin and Kelly Osbourne jumping ship really shows that celebrities don’t want to be associated with this show anymore even its stars. Not only have they left the show but they’ve thrown it under a double decker bus.

At the Oscars this year “Who are you wearing?” was a scorned question and was rarely answered. The campaign spear headed by Reese Witherspoon was done to concentrate on the celebrities accomplishments rather than how they looked. With movements like these taking place in the entertainment industry, television shows like Fashion Police will further be seen as the enemy.

The joke that inflamed the controversy surrounding the show was apparently written for Giuliana. Even so, if she wasn’t comfortable with it she shouldn’t have said it!!! If she can’t come up with her own quips then she isn’t fit for a show like Fashion Police.

Fashion Police needs an overhaul with a clear message that they are just judging the clothing.

It may have some controversy competition from a new show coming to E! later in the year. The show will concentrate on judging plastic surgery and will star RuPaul and famed plastic surgeon to the stars Dr. Dubrow.

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