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MUSIC- Ignore her Twitter, Enjoy the Music

Madonna may be causing controversy on her Twitter profile by marking famous people with her ‘Rebel Heart’ brand but she has some good tracks behind it all.

Due to demos of future tracks being leaked, Madonna struck back and early released 6 tracks from the upcoming album. In my opinion, Madonna brings it!! I was listening to Bitch I’m Madonna whilst at an ATM and I could of shown my pin code to all. I was more concerned with not slut dropping mid cash withdrawal.

Every track is something different. My stand outs are Devil Pray which has a country flare that twists and turns into a hypnotic electronic beat. Living for Love is the new club banger you will hear constantly. Prepare to bounce and grind to this track for weeks on end. Unapologetic Bitch is almost her pre-made response to the backlash around her recent social networking activity.

My advice on Ms. Madonna, Unfollow her if you are going to get offended and just enjoy her music.

MUSIC- Now Playing: Madness by Muse


I know I am late to the game but I am loving this track. I heard it on an episode of Criminal Minds and totally spaced from the actual plot and started to enjoy the music instead.

It is from Muse’s album ‘The 2nd Law’ so check it out!!

MUSIC- The Danity Kane album gets release date


Despite the drama surrounding the band lately, Danity Kane remaining members Aubrey and Shannon have announced that the album will be available to download on iTunes on 28th of October. Sooooo soon.

Their new album is entilted D3 (even though technically there are only two members at the moment). With Dawn gracing the cover we can assume that her vocals were not removed from the tracks.

We will finally get to hear that floor stomper “All in a Day’s Work” along with 9 other songs. The band has also published a new track Rhythm of Love which you can listen below.

Cling to these new tracks as we probably won’t hear anything new for a long time.

MUSIC- Now Playing: Black Belt by John Grant


This is such a catchy song and it hooks you in INSTANTLY!! It featured at the end of an episode of HBO’s Looking and I have been binging on Grant’s music ever since.

MUSIC- Now Playing: Chandelier by Sia


Both the song and video for this track are AMAZING! Sia’s vocals as ever are spot on and she delivers such a powerful raw performance in several parts throughout the song.
If you have see the music video, you may have noticed that it features Maddie from Dance Moms. I haven’t watched that show in forever and homegirl has grown. I mean she owned that video. She was doing moves that would put you in hospital!! I bet those other Moms are spitting at their screens right now.
Prepare to be shouting at the top of your lungs to this one.

MUSIC- Now Playing: Vacation by G.R.L (PCD Reborn)

I know I have posted about this several times but another reincarnation of the Pussycat Dolls has emerged. They have renamed the band G.R.L. but they are pretty much the same members from PCD 2.0.

Considering they don’t have the widely known brand of PCD, I am not sure they will have the same success.  Although they are giving it a good try with this new song Vacation.  The song even made onto the Smurfs 2 soundtrack. That is better progress than any of the other Antin’s creations in recent years (Sorry Paradiso Girls). The soundtrack will be grabbed up by Britney fans as her new song is also on it. Those girls are thinking wisely, they are practically howling at their key demographic.

The song just screams summer anthem!!! It is a classic glitzy girl group tune, lets leave our shitty boyfriends behind and get our tan on.

MUSIC- Where are PCD?

Ashley Roberts

Ashley Roberts was rumoured to be one of the new presenters of XFactor USA and then she randomly appears on I’m A Celeb (congrats on coming second). All this had me wondering what happened to the restructuring of PCD. A while ago I posted about how the girls will be appearing in a superbowl advert and then new material would be released soon after. In true PCD style no new material came to light. Whoever is in charge of their scheduling need a bitch slap.

From what I have gathered, there has been yet another change to the line up with member Chrystina Sayer leaving (she released a single Alive CHECK IT OUT). Fellow Girlicious member Natalie Nicole Mejia replaced her but then got pregnant and was replaced by Emmalyn Estrada (who now?). This new reboot of the group is cursed.  Remember now, they haven’t released anything since 2009.

I’m thinking all the originals should give it a go (why not they have tried everything else) with the exception of Nicole Scherzinger because I am thinking there is too much bad blood there. I have heard Melody Thornton’s solo EP and the girl can sing. I’m sure the girls are dying to show what they can really do without Nicole around.


MUSIC- Tamar rises up the charts thanks to Gaga

Tamar Being friends with Lady Gaga has its perks, Tamar Braxton’s new single Love and War has scored a number 1 on Itunes in the US and UK.  Gaga promoted the single via her twitter and the single sky-rocketed to the top of the charts.

The single was released only 24 hours when it reached number one. I’m not a fan of the song but Tamar sounds amazing as usual. I was expecting something a little more edgy from Toni’s little sister. Saying that I’m liking the sound of another of her singles Hot Sugar. 

The single Love and War is from Tamar’s long awaited second album, with all the publicity from Gaga and both her reality shows Tamar is sure to be sticking around.

MUSIC- The PussyCat Dolls are BACK!!!

Check out the new line up for the Pussycat Dolls, the girls have no single out but it will be interesting to hear.

Can the girl group survive in the music industry without the strong vocals of Nicole Scherzinger.

Some of the talent involved in Pussycat Dolls 2.0 is  Chrystina Sayers from Robin Antin previous creation Girlcious, Lauren Bennet (another of Antin’s didn’t quite make it girl groups Paradiso Girls and Paula Van Oppen (a previous contestant in So You Think You Can Dance and starred in LaurieAnn Gibson’s reality show Dance Scene).

I know two of these girls have some kick ass vocals so will be cool to see how well they gel together.

I find the thing with Antin’s girl groups is that the usually have a lot of hype and then they go quiet to release their album with hardly any publicity. A prime example of this is having the girls in a recent Superbowl advert, this would have been seen by millions but do the girls have a single out? NO??

It would have been perfect to hear a little snippet of a new song in the advert with the single being released a week later. Hopefully Antin has something brewing to promote these girls. We will be watching

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