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MOVIES- Should Tommy in Power Rangers be Female?


In a Power Rangers Movie mid credits scene, the teens are gathered in their detention hall and their teachers does a roll call. Whose name appears but….Tommy Oliver’s.

Should the film get a sequel we will see somebody take over from Jason David Frank’s as Tommy. But what do we think about them possibly being a woman??

I think it would be an interesting gender flip on the show. .Although we already seen a bad ass female in Rita, I think the fact she is human will really push the Rangers and their moral codes. Can they kill another human? Also I think a female Tommy should be bisexual and should try and seduce Trini. They’ve already opened the door slightly to Trini being queer so they should kick those doors wide open in the sequel.

With the rangers now facing an evil ranger, we could see how Zordon dealt with the same issue. This would be a perfect way to feature  flashbacks of Zordon and Rita when they fell out. I loved that opening scene, more of that would be awesome.

Dacre Montgomery commented on the mystery over the Green Ranger’s identity and the possibility of it being a girl. “It’s left blank. It’s a cliff-hanger. Whoever you’re going to drop into that position — whether it’s a girl — it’s inevitably going to create drama. It’ll be interesting to drop that drama into it and see how we all relate to it and work with it.”


MOVIES- X-Men Timeline Errors Explained

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With the release of Logan, we all questioned  whereabouts in the massive X-Men movie timeline Logan fit.

The movie series has had many changes over the last couple of years, with several of the films becoming defunct. In Days of Future Past, a majority of the films basically didn’t happen. These include anything that happened after the original X-Men film. These were X-Men, X2, X-Men The Last Stand, some of the events in Wolverine Origins, The Wolverine and the future depicted in Days of Future Past.

Does that mean, these films were all a waste? Technically no! As seen in Logan, Professor X speak about a Statue of Liberty incident. This happened in X-Men, which according to the events of Days of Future Past never happened anymore. So my assumption is that although there was a shift in time, maybe some of the events still occurred. Like maybe somebody or still Magneto attempted to turn humans into mutants in the Statue of Liberty in this altered universe.

There are still a lot of issues with continuity in the series despite the erasure of several of the films. So I’ve combed the films and the internet and came up with some theories to explain away the error. It will help me sleep better and enjoy the films peacefully.

Lets gets started.


Before the timeline shift, Sabretooth is revealed to be Wolverine’s brother in the film Wolverine Origins. This contradicts the original X-Men film. They both meet and do not recognise each other. Wolverine wouldn’t remember him as his memory was wiped due to being shot in the head with an Adamantium bullet. Sabretooth however should.

The only thing I have for this is Sabretooth’s mutation. Over the years, perhaps his mutation caused him to become more feral and animalistic. Sabretooth is fixated on Wolverine in the film, choosing the always fight him. This could be due to him remembering him in someway and reacting in violence.

How is Professor X alive in the future?

At the very end of The Wolverine, Wolverine is approached by a very much alive Charles Xavier and Magneto. How could this happen when we seen Jean Grey destroy Charles and his body?

In the final moments of The Last Stand, Moira MacTaggart is seen at the bedside of a man in a hospital bed. The man turns to her, says hello and sounds exactly like Charles. In the dvd commentary it is explained that Charles has transferred his mind into the body of his comatose twin brother. There was no mention of his twin brother before so that had me stumped.

Another problem was that Charles was still in a wheelchair. How could this be, if he was basically in somebody else’s body? Due to him taking the body of a comatose patient, maybe they suffered from muscular atrophy and they  would have been unable to walk also. Especially if it is to believed  it was his twin who went into a coma at birth.

Moira MacTaggart

In First Class, Moira is a CIA agent but in the Last Stand she is a doctor. What happened? I think due their constant run ins with the X-Men that maybe Moira changed professions to study mutants. She is obsessed with mutant activity in First Class and also in Apocalypse, so her jumping into studying them would not be a strange leap.

Storm, Jean Grey, Scott, Nightcrawler etc. 

In Apocalypse, we seen the reappearances of several of our favourite characters. But their ages and their background are completely different. For one, Storm begins as an evil character based in Cairo. Alex introduces Scott to Charles, while in Wolverine Origins a young Scott is captured by Weapon X and finally brought into the care of Charles by the film’s end. Also the team meet Nightcrawler in his late 30s in X2 so how come we meet him much earlier as a teenager. So what exactly happened??

I think the shift in mutants becoming more public earlier, caused these changes. As we seen in Flashpoint, The Flash changed one aspect of his life his mother’s murder and it had a ripple affect. So we see it here, expect this change is much greater. The public becomes aware of mutants much earlier. This would push characters to Xavier’s school much earlier.


In First Class, we learn that Mystique grew up with Charles and was his good friend. How come they don’t mention this in the future films?

My assumption is that Mystique having fought for many years with Magneto had grown bitter with Charles. You almost see how cold she has gotten in Apocalypse. She is mission driven and isn’t likely to stay for a chat. This could explain how cold she is the future films. She doesn’t want to get into her past with Charles and dredge up old wounds.

Wolverine’s Claws

By the end of The Wolverine, Logan is left without his adamantium claws. But he regains them by Days of Future Past? How did this happen?

During publicity, Singer hinted that Magneto was possibly behind this. That he manipulated the metal into Wolverine’s body again. I don’t understand why don’t this kinda of stuff in the films, instead of us having to dig through dvd commentaries and interviews for an explanation.

Rogue taking the cure

In the Last Stand, the mutant population is offered a cure to rid them of their abilities. Rogue is one of the X-Men who takes the cure. But in Days of Future Past the Rogue cut, Rogue appears but she regained her powers.

The cure was thrown out at the mutants as soon as they created it, so I am guessing that maybe it wasn’t a permanent solution. The cure could have worn off after a while and mutants regained their abilities.

Time Travel

The X-Men are constantly changing the future, from watching the animated series. You even see how they battle to change an apocalyptic future. We can never sure which version of the timeline we are watching. Maybe each film is from a different timeline, although they are played by the same actors, it could be an alternative timeline.

I do think with all the resources available to the creators of these films, they should have created a more cleaner universe. All the Marvel kind of show how it can be done and they’ve created a larger amount of films. X-Men has spanned more years though and a lot of switching of creative teams have helped the confusion between characters and plots.

I do think with the new timeline set in place onwards from Days of Future Past, I’ve noticed alot more effort has put into making it cleaner. It was essentially a reboot of the series that helped explain away the continuity errors. If I find more errors, I’ll add them in and try and explain them away.

MOVIES- Alicia Vikander onset pics of Tomb Raider

If you’ve played the latest incarnations of the Tomb Raider games, these onset pics of the new film will look familiar. 

The new film starring Alicia Vikander is based on the 2013 video game. It follows Lara as she becomes stranded on a deserted island. She must survive the wilderness whilst also fighting off the dangerous savages that live on the island. 

The onset pics show that the film has perfectly recreated Lara’s look. Also based on the obstacles she is running and leaping across, she will be tackling some of the hurdles that we the gamer also faced. 

Though technically a prequel, it is a reboot of the Tomb Raider series. It will be interesting to see whether fans just turned up for Amgelina Jolie last round. 

You can never be sure about the success of a film based on a video game. They can turn out really bad like the bombs that were Dead or Alive, Street Fighter and Assassin Creed movies I loved the campness and ridiculousness of all those films but they didn’t do very well. Luckily though, this genre of film can become a success like the Resident Evil franchise. They lasted 6 movies and spanned 15 years. Though bashed by the critics, they continued to make coin at the box office. 

MOVIES- Power Rangers Movie Script Leaks

A version of the Power Rangers Movie has been leaked. Back in 2014, Max Landis was in charge of recreating the series into a film. Since then, Dean Israelite took over the mantel and we got the movie that is due for release on March 24th.

Landis’ script has leaked on Reddit and here are a couple of the plot points. There are a couple of  big differences from what we have seen in trailers and promotional material.

  • In Landis’ version the Rangers went to school with each other and the majority are romantically linked. Kimberly and Billy were kind of seeing each other and Trini and Jason dated. While in the new version, they all meet through detention and don’t seem close at all. Romance wise, Jason and Kimberly seem to be interested in each other.
  • In Israelite’s version the characters get same power coins they possess in the show while in Landis’ there is one big difference. Zack is given the pink power coin. This leaves with Kimberly as the black ranger and she is the last to receive her coin.
  • The coins are given to the Rangers sporadically throughout Landis’s script. Jason is the first to morph into the Red Ranger. They all soon follow. They aren’t chosen by Zordon or Alpha like in the show. For instance,  Trini demands to have a power coin because her parents are in danger.
  • Zordon seems to be some sort of squid like creature in Landis’ version. He is mobile for the first half of the film and manages to be captured by Jason, Trini and Billy and thrown inside a trunk alongside Alpha.  This is completely different to the series, he has been encased in a tube in any incarnation of Zordon.
  • Rita is off screen for a large majority of the film, she is also confirmed to have been the black ranger. She was swayed to become evil by Lord Zedd. Rita seems to get alot of screen time in the 2017 film so that may differ.
  • Rita’s big plan in script is to repossess her sceptre which holds all her power and gain access to the Command Centre. It is a ship that would use the life force of Earth in order to flee the world and return back to Zedd’s empire. This could possibly be the same.
  • Zordon was originally the Red Ranger. He was in hibernation since managing to seal Rita inside her ship. In doing he damaged his ship and couldn’t return home so waited on the dark side of the moon to be saved. The Zords fell to earth and each found a hiding spot to wait until they called again by the Power Rangers.
  • Zedd’s army has won the war against Zordon’s resistance and rules over the galaxy. He has also killed any existing Power Rangers. Leaving Jason, Trini, Billy, Zack and Kimberly as the last Power Rangers.
  • Once Rita is defeated, word gets back to Lord Zedd and it is revealed he possesses the green power coin.
  • An easter egg: Billy mentions that he thought Kimberly was dating Tommy at one point. Tommy is merely mentioned and doesn’t appear.
  • Golden in the leaked script seems to be some sort of monkey alien thats rolls into an armour to give him all his strength. In the film due out, he seems to be an oozing golden creature.
  • Zack has a girlfriend named Angela. He reveals to her that he is a Power Ranger by the end of the script. So much for keeping that secret.
  • Kimberly is the resident bad ass outcast. She runs in the same kind of group as Bulk and Skull and wakes up hungover in her car at one point.

I think I’ll prefer the movie version, it seems a lot more darker and realistic. I didn’t like how Zordon was depicted either. Not so much his psychical appearance but how he treated them. He treated them as his worst alternatives until the Power Rangers from his planet arrived and when that happened, BYE TEENAGERS WITH ATTITUDE.

They were also ecstatic about beating Rita. Like the war was over, like clearly it wasn’t and they became aware of Lord Zedd’s growing reign on the other side of the galaxy. Celebrate the small victories I guess. Rita survives the script and rallies with the rest of her cronies like obviously she was going give Zedd a little ring. ‘Heya hun, things didn’t go too well here. Mind giving us a hand?’

Reading the script has gotten me even more excited about the film. What do you think about Landis’s script?

MOVIES- Power Rangers Sequel Ideas

Image result for power rangers movies

Lionsgate has been raving about the new Power Rangers movies. So much so that they are pushing for sequel upon sequel in the future.

As a massive fan of the original series, I have picked some of the big story lines from the show that could be adapted to the big screen.

Green With Evil. 

I think the first movie will end with the defeat of Rita Repulsa. From the scenes of the trailer, I think it is going to play out like the pilot of the series. The rangers get their powers, fight off putties and then Goldar and then promise to protect the earth against new threats. I think there will be a tease about the green ranger in the end credits. Rita’s green appearance has me thinking that she has some connection to the green power ranger. So should she be defeated, maybe the green power coin falls into Angel Grove to be found by Tommy.

This would lead into the second film, Tommy joins with the green power coin and becomes the Green Power Ranger. He goes through the same metamorphosis as the previous rangers but he seems to become moody, violent and eventually evil. He turns on the rangers and we see it play out until he turns good.

Here Comes Zedd

Without Rita we would need a new villian. Who better to fill those boots than Lord Zedd. In the movie he could do the same amount of damage as he did in the series. Destroying their zords, creating more powerful putties and possibly making them powerless.

It could also feature Tommy still struggling with his powers and and maybe joining forces with Zedd.

Green Candle

The green candle storyline in the series changed everything. It was a candle created by Rita that could drain the green power coin of its power. This could be the return of Rita. If her powers are connected to the green power coin, this could mean that she returns powerless. She would become aware of the new ranger and know what happened to her green power coin. This would lead her into the direction of the Green Candle,  it would be the only way for her to get access to those powers again.

Enter the White Ranger

With Rita using the Green Candle and Tommy left powerless, the next film could feature his transformation into the White Ranger. This could be something Alpha and Zordon have been working on since they landed on Earth just like the series.

Their new nemisis? Possibly the combination of Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa.

Switching Rangers

During its first three seasons of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, there were many cast changes. First it was Trini, Zack and Jason being replaced by Aisha, Adam and Rocky then came long time cast member Kimberly being replaced by Katherine. And then a quick change over in the last few episodes of Mighty Morphin when Tanya replaced Aisha.

All these changes came with storylines. Will Katherine be preyed upon by Rita to steal Kimberly’s powers? It is highly doubtful that Trina, Zack and Jason will get jobs in the UN. Considering that Lionsgate is pushing for a more dark Power Rangers, could we see deaths amongst the rangers.

Villians from the whole Power Ranger series. 

Rita had many relatives that joined the show, like her brother Rito and her father Master Vile. Each of them managed to leave the Power Rangers powerless. With Master Vile being the cause of the Rangers losing their Mighty Morphin powers for good.

With an array of villians to choose from, there is nothing stopping Liongate from picking villians from every season of the series. There was the Machine Empire, Divatox, Astronema and loads more than followed the MMPR series.

Zeo Crystals

If the Rangers do eventually have their power coins destroyed, maybe it could lead into the Zeo series. With a quest around the world for them to find the zeo crystals that give them access to the Zeo Powers.

No matter what happens, the series has a multitude of options with how they can progress with the film series. They have  over 25 years of storylines to pick and choose from.

I can see it having the same success as Transformers, although it gets abused by film critics it still makes a massive amount of cash in the box office.


MOVIES – New Pic from Power Rangers Movie

Entertainment Weekly have gotten their mits on a still from the new Power Rangers Movie coming March 2017.

It shows Rita Repulsa threatening Trini in her bedroom. This looks crazy good. In an interview Becky G described the scene as Rita coming to pick off the weakest link in the Power Rangers. Wait to go Rita, she is not playing any games. Don’t remember Rita doing house calls in the television show. 

As a fan of the show from when I was a kid, my body is ready for this movie.

MOVIES- Murder She Baked fourth installment is a go!!


For all you Hallmark TV movie fans, Allison Sweeney announced on Twitter that work is being done on a new Murder She Baked.

The Murder She Baked movies are cheesy murder mystery movies. They’ll give you all you need to fill the hole left in your heart from when you’ve rewatched Murder She Wrote too many times.
From Chocolate Chip Mystery to Peach Cobbler Mystery, you’ll be reaching for baked goods while trying to figure out which local is responsible for the latest murder in town.

Check it out!

MOVIES- Martyrs


Martyrs stars Pretty Little Liars’ Troian Bellisaro as Lucie, a troubled woman who believes she was kept captive and abused as a child. When she escapes her captors and all evidence of her abuse disappears. So the viewer is left wondering whether she imagined it all.

She grows up in some convent home run by and makes a friend in Anna, a fellow orphan who promises that she believes her story. Anna is played by Bailey Noble who was the fairy daughter in True Blood. The two promise to follow each other whereever they go.

The film jumps ten years and takes a disturbing turn. Is this just the concoctions of a woman with mental issues or is there something nefarious going on??
It is a simple movie but definitely keeps you guessing and is super creepy. Would you help out a friend when everything around you is saying ‘GIRL IS CRAY’??
Definitely worth a look if you are a Spencer PLL fan and a horror fan!

MOVIES- What I hope to see in Cloverfield sequel!!


In similar style to its predecessor, 10 Cloverfield Lane is scrouded in secrecy. The distant cousin of Cloverfield has us very intrigued. As a big fan, I have two things that I need to see happen in this sequel.
Two simple things that will make me fangirl wildly in the cinema.

Number one, an explanation.  In this film the lead character is unaware of the monster attack. It is perfect, she needs to be caught up and so do we. That is of course if they are linking to the events of Cloverfield. If they are, New York is clearly gone but what about the rest of the world.
This is the perfect opportunity for a catch up and explanation. Where did that creature come from?? Was it the only one?? John Goodman may have all the answers.

Number Two, scary action scenes that compete with the original. Information out at the moment is saying that the majority of the film takes place in the bunker. I want some action scenes. Cloverfield teased the creature throughout the film as they ran through New York. They escaped and avoided the beast in several spectacular sequences. I want a repeat, maybe even the little beasts that fell from the sky could enter the bunker.
I WANT CREATURES!! I am dying to see what she seen outside that bunker.

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