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BOOKS- Jillian Hoffman synopsis of new book.

Set for a release of 12th of February 2015. Jillian Hoffman’s new book sounds as thrilling as its predecessors.


You can check out the synopsis above. It was in the Google Bookstore and it has me hooked already. I am assuming this book is the one she spoke about on her website. If it is, then the temporary title at the moment is The Bad Samaritan.

February 12th can come no sooner.


BOOKS: Two Truths And A Lie

The book in question

If you’re into mysteries that lag so much that you’ve forgotten what the actually crime was then this book series is for you.
The books comes from the mind of Pretty Little Liars creator Sara Shepard. If you’re thinking this book will bring you endless hours of thinking WHO IS THE KILLER??? like PLL has achieved then don’t worry it will already be done for you. The main characters of Emma and the ghostly voice of Sutton pretty much narrate that process for you.

The plots of this and the previous two books follow Emma as she impersonates her missing dead twin sister Sutton Mercer. She is living the life of a paranoid wreck wondering who killed her sister. Each book has centred on Emma losing her shit about some minor  character in the book who had beef with her sister. She follows them around, basically harassing them until finally she realizes it couldn’t have been them. But shockingly that is all wrapped up with her moving onto some other suspect. These books could go on forever until she run out of people to accuse.

I wouldn’t mind so much if this happened in one book but it has happened all three. Hopefully the third book will be a little different and Emma will step into action a bit more. She pretty much acts like lamb to the slaughter, wandering around with a big target on her back. If she does a little investigating maybe she won’t be such a stress ball.

Emma needs a good kick in the ovaries, of all the suspects she has been fretting over, she has yet to wonder about her new boyfriend. He knows she wasn’t her twin sister and hated Sutton when she was alive. Of all her paranoid delusions about all these crazed psychopaths out to get her, you’d think that the bitter loner tortured by her twin would be on the list of  suspects.

The book is well written but the plot fails to surprise.

LIFE- What I’m obsessing over

My soul purpose in life at the moment is to complete my reading challenge on goodreads. I don’t know why on earth I thought it would be a good idea to start one but ever since I have, I want it done. The thoughts of not completing it by December gives me nightmares.
This is how sad my life has gotten.

BOOKS- Kelley Armstrong: The Awakening

The second in the darkest powers trilogy. Think of it as Ghost Whisperer, Girl Interupted and a little bit of Twilight.
Looking back at this book, not alot happened. The main character hasn’t been fleshed out at all. She is completely oblivious to everything, she is almost completely numb to what’s going on to her or she has smoked too much weed.

The book covers revolves around her necklace and yet they reference it once. That I find very confusing.
There is alot being kept secret and alot of vagueness in the book. I am assuming this is going to be sorted by the final book and I hope its done well. Otherwise it was a crap shag of a series and the orgasm was forgettable.

BOOKS- Kimberly Derting: The Body Finder

So disappointed by this book, it had so much potential. The characters were so superficial. I mean okay you like your best friend, BIG F’ING DEAL!!! Your friends are turning up dead, PRIORITIES!!!

I liked the idea behind the whole book, girl can sense murdered corpses and their killers. Hopefully the second book will focus less on the clingy relationships involved and more on her gifts and creepy killers.

Apart from their crazy relationship The so called mystery elements kept interested even though they didn’t take a genius to figure out.
I think more emphasis should be put on her gifts, like where they originated from and how her mother doesn’t have them but her grandmother did have them.
I am all for Jay being brutally murdered in the next book.

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