Word has come from Brian J. Smith one of the main stars of the Netflix series Sense8 that the show may get the axe.

The series has yet to be renewed but the cast are still under contract for a potential third season. This is a expensive move to keep a cast on hold despite no actual official renewal.

Fans have been tweeting up a storm ever since to ensure a renewal. Some may say that it is a loss cause but NBC’s Timeless was officially canned to be renewed days later due to fans petitioning for its renewal.

If the series were to be cancelled it would follow in the footsteps of The Get Down and Marco Polo.

The reviews for Wonder Woman are in and the majority are positive. This is one of the first DC films in a long while to not be massacred by reviewers. Wonder Woman is rumored to take a more lighter tone than we seen in Batman V Superman which was particularly sombre. It has gotten the best rotten tomato score than any other DC or Marvel film.

Hopefully with the good reviews we will see people running to see it in the cinema. We haven’t seen a female comicbook superhero helm a major superhero film since Catwoman and Elektra graced our screens. And we all know how well they did 😦