It’s that time again! Who will win Rachel’s heart this year on the Bachelorette? Lets review how the guys sold came off as they popped out that limo. 

Kenny: He looks haggard and a professional wrestler. I don’t know about this one. 

Jack Stone: Seems genuine, the whole story about his mother is a bit much. Is he looking for Rachel to stand in?

Alex: Looks he was able to crush his face in with those dumbbells. Obviously lied about how much he can bench which is worrying already. HE A LIAR GIRL

Mohit: Hmm 2 seconds in and he talking about his start up! Definitely trying to promo that #ad

Lucas: How many times was this boy dropped on his head? Whaboom your ass back home please. 

Blake E: Hmm talking about his libido and he much sex he needs in his intro and yet he talks about how it only lasts a half an hour. What is the truth Blake? He was in the live show and definitely came off better meeting her than his intro show.  

Diggy: People who introduce themselves using their nicknames urk me. WHAT IS YOUR ACTUAL NAME THOUGH and let me decide whether I’ll use your nickname. 

Josiah: He is a lawyer aswell which is promising because they’ll have that in common. Also what is up with all these fake court scenes? He may have a bad past but he has obviously changed. Awful story about his brother. 

Peter: He has the same kinda gap as her. He doesnt seem fame hungry like some of these guys.  I can see him going far. 

Bryan: That walk from the limo, you just know he loves himself. This guy is SLICK. 

Rob: Hmmm didn’t show much of this guy, so must be drole. 

Iggy: Nope, there are a few duds this year. Did production genuinely not bother?

Will: Hmm, that entrance. Geek to chic,  Eyebrows raised on that one. 

Bryce: Fireman and good move on wearing the uniform! 

Kyle: A man who bakes, snatch him up Rachel. 

Blake K: I like this one too, seemed like he was looking to replicate the love his grandparents had. 

Brady: Broke the ice, he seems cool. 

Dean: That whole black never go back joke was ridiculous at the Final Rose live show. Sooo dodgy 

Eric: Did they pick the dodge ones for the final rose show? This guy is also another dodgy slick one. 

Demario: Hmm a tad bit too competitive which should raise alarms! Get rid! And a warning from Whitney, DODGE!! 

Fred: Sooo cute, they meet again after all these years. Obviously got in contact with production, bad kid could be a bad guy. 

Jonathan: He is scary as fuck, like American Pyscho scary. And Tickle Monster. Rachel, you in danger girl. 

Lee: Cringe with his fake country singing voice accent. 

Milton: That growl lads… No

Adam: Where did he get that puppet? or is it a dummy, the mouth doesnt even move. What was his motive with that? He just held it. 

Matt: People who wear costumes usually make it through the night, so bravo on that one. 

Grant: Always good to jump out behind an ambulance to make an entrance. Seems nice. 

Anthony: Hmmm Imma make you understand me! Kind of makes it sound like he has problems communicating. Read between the lines Rachel. 

Jamey: Small slot in the show, so he will either slide to the end or booted early. 

Jedidiah: All we got was an biblical reference from this guy. Must 

Micheal: That brownie analogy, errr no!