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After the reveal of yet another speedster Savitar, I am glad they are not having a villian with The Flash’s speed abilities next season. Although it was cool twist **** SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER **** that Savitar was actually future Barry Allen I don’t see another season of him facing a speedster being of any interest to us.

Since season one, Barry Allen has had to increase his speed to defeat his latest foe. First it was Reverse then Zoom and finally Savitar. Thankfully Andrew Kreisburg one of the writers on the Flash confirmed in March of this year that the season four villain will NOT be a speedster.

Why will this be a good thing? No more training scenes of Barry trying to outrun another speedster, no more experiments to help Barry get faster and no more Barry crying about how he isn’t fast enough. This has been a huge plot device for the past three seasons and it has gotten very stagnant.

It is same over on Arrow, with Oliver constantly having to defeat villains who have trained to be assassins just like him. They usually always get their hands on a bow and arrow aswell (side eye).  Similarly with Kara on Supergirl, her big bads have ‘so far’ been Kryptonians or lived next door to Krypton. SNORE

These shows have decades of comics to grab from and they choose villains with similar abilities. BORING!! So with a change coming next season, I hope it stretches to the other shows.

Also lets be glad that we won’t be seeing any of Oliver’s flashbacks in the newest season of Arrow either. That also got old after season two.