Image result for scream tvAfter only two seasons under its belt, the MTV Scream series is already plotting a reboot. That means new cast and new location.

I have to say, it is a good move. Despite Sidney Prescott being hunted down by Ghostface for four movies it just isn’t working for the current group of screamers. With Sidney leaping from high school to college to being a proper adult, we seen a huge span of time between each killing spree. This lot are get a couple of weeks before a new killer arises. Although it is a T.V. show, I have to hold myself back from calling bullshit. So I’m gladly welcoming a reboot.

Another change in Scream’s production is a new showrunner and strangely Queen Latifah is joining as one of the new executive producer. I’ll be interested in seeing the change in the series from Latifah joining.

This is all good news for the next season of Scream. It will consist of a shortened season of 6 episodes.

The only annoying thing about the reboot is the fact we will probably not get a resolution about the apparent return of Brandon James in the last episode. Lets just assume he got as bored of the kids as we did and moved on.