My Scooby senses are tingling that a Buffy reunion is taking place. 

Sarah Michelle Gellar posted this photo and my ears perked. What are you up to Buffster? 

This was followed up by another post by fellow Buffy star, David Boreanaz. 

He appears to be onset with Charisma Carpenter ANOTHER Buffy star. The plot thickens when Sarah Michelle posted another pic. 

She is photoshoot ready and promoting nail polish created by David Boreanaz’s wife Jamie. 

I think they are taking part in a photoshoot for Entertainment Weekly centred on reunions. For special reunion editions of their magazine, Entertainment Weekly have reunited several casts from iconic shows and it looks like Buffy could be its next. 

Check out some of their past reunions.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer celebrates its 20th anniversary this Friday (March 10th).