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March 2017

MOVIES- Should Tommy in Power Rangers be Female?


In a Power Rangers Movie mid credits scene, the teens are gathered in their detention hall and their teachers does a roll call. Whose name appears but….Tommy Oliver’s.

Should the film get a sequel we will see somebody take over from Jason David Frank’s as Tommy. But what do we think about them possibly being a woman??

I think it would be an interesting gender flip on the show. .Although we already seen a bad ass female in Rita, I think the fact she is human will really push the Rangers and their moral codes. Can they kill another human? Also I think a female Tommy should be bisexual and should try and seduce Trini. They’ve already opened the door slightly to Trini being queer so they should kick those doors wide open in the sequel.

With the rangers now facing an evil ranger, we could see how Zordon dealt with the same issue. This would be a perfect way to feature  flashbacks of Zordon and Rita when they fell out. I loved that opening scene, more of that would be awesome.

Dacre Montgomery commented on the mystery over the Green Ranger’s identity and the possibility of it being a girl. “It’s left blank. It’s a cliff-hanger. Whoever you’re going to drop into that position — whether it’s a girl — it’s inevitably going to create drama. It’ll be interesting to drop that drama into it and see how we all relate to it and work with it.”


TELEVISION- Real O’Neals most likely cancelled

Tragically all signs are pointing to The Real O’Neals being canned. Two of its main stars just got cast in new pilots. 
Jay R. Ferguson who pays Pat O’Neal just recently got cast in new show Living Biblically. While Matt Shively another of the O’Neal clan joined another comedy called Spaced Out.

The series lasted two seasons and followed The O’Neals a Catholic family who are dealing with a divorce while their youngest son comes out as gay.

Such a shame, this show had some iconic moments. 

TELEVISION- EW finally reveals Buffy Reunion shoot 

Footage from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer reunion for EW magazine has been released.

Sorry we spoilt the surpise weeks ago with our Instagram investigation. Everyone looks so fabulous and grateful for the experience they had on the show.

It  doesn’t look like Eliza Dushku was present. She played notable badass Faith. From when I suspect it happened when Dushku was making her powerful speech to students in NH Youth Summit about her issues with drugs. 

I can’t wait to see some of the pics from this shoot!

TELEVISION- A Buffy Reunion? 

My Scooby senses are tingling that a Buffy reunion is taking place. 

Sarah Michelle Gellar posted this photo and my ears perked. What are you up to Buffster? 

This was followed up by another post by fellow Buffy star, David Boreanaz. 

He appears to be onset with Charisma Carpenter ANOTHER Buffy star. The plot thickens when Sarah Michelle posted another pic. 

She is photoshoot ready and promoting nail polish created by David Boreanaz’s wife Jamie. 

I think they are taking part in a photoshoot for Entertainment Weekly centred on reunions. For special reunion editions of their magazine, Entertainment Weekly have reunited several casts from iconic shows and it looks like Buffy could be its next. 

Check out some of their past reunions.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer celebrates its 20th anniversary this Friday (March 10th). 

MOVIES- X-Men Timeline Errors Explained

Image result for x-men

With the release of Logan, we all questioned  whereabouts in the massive X-Men movie timeline Logan fit.

The movie series has had many changes over the last couple of years, with several of the films becoming defunct. In Days of Future Past, a majority of the films basically didn’t happen. These include anything that happened after the original X-Men film. These were X-Men, X2, X-Men The Last Stand, some of the events in Wolverine Origins, The Wolverine and the future depicted in Days of Future Past.

Does that mean, these films were all a waste? Technically no! As seen in Logan, Professor X speak about a Statue of Liberty incident. This happened in X-Men, which according to the events of Days of Future Past never happened anymore. So my assumption is that although there was a shift in time, maybe some of the events still occurred. Like maybe somebody or still Magneto attempted to turn humans into mutants in the Statue of Liberty in this altered universe.

There are still a lot of issues with continuity in the series despite the erasure of several of the films. So I’ve combed the films and the internet and came up with some theories to explain away the error. It will help me sleep better and enjoy the films peacefully.

Lets gets started.


Before the timeline shift, Sabretooth is revealed to be Wolverine’s brother in the film Wolverine Origins. This contradicts the original X-Men film. They both meet and do not recognise each other. Wolverine wouldn’t remember him as his memory was wiped due to being shot in the head with an Adamantium bullet. Sabretooth however should.

The only thing I have for this is Sabretooth’s mutation. Over the years, perhaps his mutation caused him to become more feral and animalistic. Sabretooth is fixated on Wolverine in the film, choosing the always fight him. This could be due to him remembering him in someway and reacting in violence.

How is Professor X alive in the future?

At the very end of The Wolverine, Wolverine is approached by a very much alive Charles Xavier and Magneto. How could this happen when we seen Jean Grey destroy Charles and his body?

In the final moments of The Last Stand, Moira MacTaggart is seen at the bedside of a man in a hospital bed. The man turns to her, says hello and sounds exactly like Charles. In the dvd commentary it is explained that Charles has transferred his mind into the body of his comatose twin brother. There was no mention of his twin brother before so that had me stumped.

Another problem was that Charles was still in a wheelchair. How could this be, if he was basically in somebody else’s body? Due to him taking the body of a comatose patient, maybe they suffered from muscular atrophy and they  would have been unable to walk also. Especially if it is to believed  it was his twin who went into a coma at birth.

Moira MacTaggart

In First Class, Moira is a CIA agent but in the Last Stand she is a doctor. What happened? I think due their constant run ins with the X-Men that maybe Moira changed professions to study mutants. She is obsessed with mutant activity in First Class and also in Apocalypse, so her jumping into studying them would not be a strange leap.

Storm, Jean Grey, Scott, Nightcrawler etc. 

In Apocalypse, we seen the reappearances of several of our favourite characters. But their ages and their background are completely different. For one, Storm begins as an evil character based in Cairo. Alex introduces Scott to Charles, while in Wolverine Origins a young Scott is captured by Weapon X and finally brought into the care of Charles by the film’s end. Also the team meet Nightcrawler in his late 30s in X2 so how come we meet him much earlier as a teenager. So what exactly happened??

I think the shift in mutants becoming more public earlier, caused these changes. As we seen in Flashpoint, The Flash changed one aspect of his life his mother’s murder and it had a ripple affect. So we see it here, expect this change is much greater. The public becomes aware of mutants much earlier. This would push characters to Xavier’s school much earlier.


In First Class, we learn that Mystique grew up with Charles and was his good friend. How come they don’t mention this in the future films?

My assumption is that Mystique having fought for many years with Magneto had grown bitter with Charles. You almost see how cold she has gotten in Apocalypse. She is mission driven and isn’t likely to stay for a chat. This could explain how cold she is the future films. She doesn’t want to get into her past with Charles and dredge up old wounds.

Wolverine’s Claws

By the end of The Wolverine, Logan is left without his adamantium claws. But he regains them by Days of Future Past? How did this happen?

During publicity, Singer hinted that Magneto was possibly behind this. That he manipulated the metal into Wolverine’s body again. I don’t understand why don’t this kinda of stuff in the films, instead of us having to dig through dvd commentaries and interviews for an explanation.

Rogue taking the cure

In the Last Stand, the mutant population is offered a cure to rid them of their abilities. Rogue is one of the X-Men who takes the cure. But in Days of Future Past the Rogue cut, Rogue appears but she regained her powers.

The cure was thrown out at the mutants as soon as they created it, so I am guessing that maybe it wasn’t a permanent solution. The cure could have worn off after a while and mutants regained their abilities.

Time Travel

The X-Men are constantly changing the future, from watching the animated series. You even see how they battle to change an apocalyptic future. We can never sure which version of the timeline we are watching. Maybe each film is from a different timeline, although they are played by the same actors, it could be an alternative timeline.

I do think with all the resources available to the creators of these films, they should have created a more cleaner universe. All the Marvel kind of show how it can be done and they’ve created a larger amount of films. X-Men has spanned more years though and a lot of switching of creative teams have helped the confusion between characters and plots.

I do think with the new timeline set in place onwards from Days of Future Past, I’ve noticed alot more effort has put into making it cleaner. It was essentially a reboot of the series that helped explain away the continuity errors. If I find more errors, I’ll add them in and try and explain them away.

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