If you’ve played the latest incarnations of the Tomb Raider games, these onset pics of the new film will look familiar. 

The new film starring Alicia Vikander is based on the 2013 video game. It follows Lara as she becomes stranded on a deserted island. She must survive the wilderness whilst also fighting off the dangerous savages that live on the island. 

The onset pics show that the film has perfectly recreated Lara’s look. Also based on the obstacles she is running and leaping across, she will be tackling some of the hurdles that we the gamer also faced. 

Though technically a prequel, it is a reboot of the Tomb Raider series. It will be interesting to see whether fans just turned up for Amgelina Jolie last round. 

You can never be sure about the success of a film based on a video game. They can turn out really bad like the bombs that were Dead or Alive, Street Fighter and Assassin Creed movies I loved the campness and ridiculousness of all those films but they didn’t do very well. Luckily though, this genre of film can become a success like the Resident Evil franchise. They lasted 6 movies and spanned 15 years. Though bashed by the critics, they continued to make coin at the box office.