A version of the Power Rangers Movie has been leaked. Back in 2014, Max Landis was in charge of recreating the series into a film. Since then, Dean Israelite took over the mantel and we got the movie that is due for release on March 24th.

Landis’ script has leaked on Reddit and here are a couple of the plot points. There are a couple of  big differences from what we have seen in trailers and promotional material.

  • In Landis’ version the Rangers went to school with each other and the majority are romantically linked. Kimberly and Billy were kind of seeing each other and Trini and Jason dated. While in the new version, they all meet through detention and don’t seem close at all. Romance wise, Jason and Kimberly seem to be interested in each other.
  • In Israelite’s version the characters get same power coins they possess in the show while in Landis’ there is one big difference. Zack is given the pink power coin. This leaves with Kimberly as the black ranger and she is the last to receive her coin.
  • The coins are given to the Rangers sporadically throughout Landis’s script. Jason is the first to morph into the Red Ranger. They all soon follow. They aren’t chosen by Zordon or Alpha like in the show. For instance,  Trini demands to have a power coin because her parents are in danger.
  • Zordon seems to be some sort of squid like creature in Landis’ version. He is mobile for the first half of the film and manages to be captured by Jason, Trini and Billy and thrown inside a trunk alongside Alpha.  This is completely different to the series, he has been encased in a tube in any incarnation of Zordon.
  • Rita is off screen for a large majority of the film, she is also confirmed to have been the black ranger. She was swayed to become evil by Lord Zedd. Rita seems to get alot of screen time in the 2017 film so that may differ.
  • Rita’s big plan in script is to repossess her sceptre which holds all her power and gain access to the Command Centre. It is a ship that would use the life force of Earth in order to flee the world and return back to Zedd’s empire. This could possibly be the same.
  • Zordon was originally the Red Ranger. He was in hibernation since managing to seal Rita inside her ship. In doing he damaged his ship and couldn’t return home so waited on the dark side of the moon to be saved. The Zords fell to earth and each found a hiding spot to wait until they called again by the Power Rangers.
  • Zedd’s army has won the war against Zordon’s resistance and rules over the galaxy. He has also killed any existing Power Rangers. Leaving Jason, Trini, Billy, Zack and Kimberly as the last Power Rangers.
  • Once Rita is defeated, word gets back to Lord Zedd and it is revealed he possesses the green power coin.
  • An easter egg: Billy mentions that he thought Kimberly was dating Tommy at one point. Tommy is merely mentioned and doesn’t appear.
  • Golden in the leaked script seems to be some sort of monkey alien thats rolls into an armour to give him all his strength. In the film due out, he seems to be an oozing golden creature.
  • Zack has a girlfriend named Angela. He reveals to her that he is a Power Ranger by the end of the script. So much for keeping that secret.
  • Kimberly is the resident bad ass outcast. She runs in the same kind of group as Bulk and Skull and wakes up hungover in her car at one point.

I think I’ll prefer the movie version, it seems a lot more darker and realistic. I didn’t like how Zordon was depicted either. Not so much his psychical appearance but how he treated them. He treated them as his worst alternatives until the Power Rangers from his planet arrived and when that happened, BYE TEENAGERS WITH ATTITUDE.

They were also ecstatic about beating Rita. Like the war was over, like clearly it wasn’t and they became aware of Lord Zedd’s growing reign on the other side of the galaxy. Celebrate the small victories I guess. Rita survives the script and rallies with the rest of her cronies like obviously she was going give Zedd a little ring. ‘Heya hun, things didn’t go too well here. Mind giving us a hand?’

Reading the script has gotten me even more excited about the film. What do you think about Landis’s script?