Is everyone excited for the final season of Bates Motel to air Feb 20th? 

The series has wrapped its last episode yesterday and Vera Farmiga who plays Norma Bates is already mourning the show’s end. She posted pics of the famous Bates home being deconstructed. 

And she also posted a cute selfie with her costar Freddie Highmore. It is an interesting shot as it shows Freddie topless, battered, bruised and cut. Cut this be an homage to the ending of Psycho where the authorities have captured Norman and left him talking to his dead mother aka himself. 

Either way this last season will be a must see especially with the addition of songstress Rihanna to the cast. She will be playing the iconic Psycho character Marian Crane (the shower scene victim) . She is surely going to bring in a cruise ship full of viewers.