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American Crime Story is amazing and I love anything that Ryan Murphy touches. I’ve followed his TV work since Popular. My only issue with the work he has done as of late is that it feels like he eventually will get bored of his many franchises. I noticed it with Glee, the first couple of seasons were amazing and you could see him everywhere in it. But then it felt like he vanished. But where did he go to?

My guess is American Horror Story. It is another of his great creations but I think it took away from Glee. The quality of Horror Story was what we would expect from Murphy. It kept us all hooked. But in true Murphy fashion as the seasons progressed, the quality lacked the punch from when it started.

As we all know, each season stands on its own (with some random character appearances from previous seasons) so I find that they all start really well. Then episode by episode, for me, I find it loses its way or grows stagnant. Like the passion was put into the first episodes and then he stepped away for everyone else to pump up the bones he created.

As American Horror Story pushed out season after season, Murphy’s next project was American Crime Story. It followed the O.J. Simpson case. It consisted of ten episodes and was T.V gold. When everyone kept asking what will season two be about? It was confirmed it would follow the crime that was Hurricane Katrina. Then information about season three emerged that it would be about the murder of Gianni Versace. And then season four would be about Bill Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky. And yet none have been made. Production has been stated as taking longer than usual.

I think American Crime Story’s problem and possible downfall could be the amount of ideas floating around. I love all the ideas for future seasons but will they actually happen. Will we have a ten year plan for the series and be waiting around for ages to actually see them? Production I know takes a lot of planning and they have three seasons in the making. The plan from what I can see is to have both season 2 and 3 aired within months of each other. They won’t air until next year unfortunately.

Although Crime Story’s second season was confirmed last year,  Murphy’s latest series Feud will be released beforehand. It follows the feud between Betty Davis and Joan Crawford. And everyone is already asking like with Crime Story, what will season two cover?

Ryan Murphy has so many shows on the go at the moment. You can almost tell which is his favourite by their quality. Nip/Tuck was abandoned for Glee, Horror Story took Glee’s place, Crime Story had Murphy’s attention for a while and now it is Feud.

I love ALL these shows and I am a huge fan, somebody just needs to help him balance his attention on all these shows.