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Lionsgate has been raving about the new Power Rangers movies. So much so that they are pushing for sequel upon sequel in the future.

As a massive fan of the original series, I have picked some of the big story lines from the show that could be adapted to the big screen.

Green With Evil. 

I think the first movie will end with the defeat of Rita Repulsa. From the scenes of the trailer, I think it is going to play out like the pilot of the series. The rangers get their powers, fight off putties and then Goldar and then promise to protect the earth against new threats. I think there will be a tease about the green ranger in the end credits. Rita’s green appearance has me thinking that she has some connection to the green power ranger. So should she be defeated, maybe the green power coin falls into Angel Grove to be found by Tommy.

This would lead into the second film, Tommy joins with the green power coin and becomes the Green Power Ranger. He goes through the same metamorphosis as the previous rangers but he seems to become moody, violent and eventually evil. He turns on the rangers and we see it play out until he turns good.

Here Comes Zedd

Without Rita we would need a new villian. Who better to fill those boots than Lord Zedd. In the movie he could do the same amount of damage as he did in the series. Destroying their zords, creating more powerful putties and possibly making them powerless.

It could also feature Tommy still struggling with his powers and and maybe joining forces with Zedd.

Green Candle

The green candle storyline in the series changed everything. It was a candle created by Rita that could drain the green power coin of its power. This could be the return of Rita. If her powers are connected to the green power coin, this could mean that she returns powerless. She would become aware of the new ranger and know what happened to her green power coin. This would lead her into the direction of the Green Candle,  it would be the only way for her to get access to those powers again.

Enter the White Ranger

With Rita using the Green Candle and Tommy left powerless, the next film could feature his transformation into the White Ranger. This could be something Alpha and Zordon have been working on since they landed on Earth just like the series.

Their new nemisis? Possibly the combination of Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa.

Switching Rangers

During its first three seasons of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, there were many cast changes. First it was Trini, Zack and Jason being replaced by Aisha, Adam and Rocky then came long time cast member Kimberly being replaced by Katherine. And then a quick change over in the last few episodes of Mighty Morphin when Tanya replaced Aisha.

All these changes came with storylines. Will Katherine be preyed upon by Rita to steal Kimberly’s powers? It is highly doubtful that Trina, Zack and Jason will get jobs in the UN. Considering that Lionsgate is pushing for a more dark Power Rangers, could we see deaths amongst the rangers.

Villians from the whole Power Ranger series. 

Rita had many relatives that joined the show, like her brother Rito and her father Master Vile. Each of them managed to leave the Power Rangers powerless. With Master Vile being the cause of the Rangers losing their Mighty Morphin powers for good.

With an array of villians to choose from, there is nothing stopping Liongate from picking villians from every season of the series. There was the Machine Empire, Divatox, Astronema and loads more than followed the MMPR series.

Zeo Crystals

If the Rangers do eventually have their power coins destroyed, maybe it could lead into the Zeo series. With a quest around the world for them to find the zeo crystals that give them access to the Zeo Powers.

No matter what happens, the series has a multitude of options with how they can progress with the film series. They have  over 25 years of storylines to pick and choose from.

I can see it having the same success as Transformers, although it gets abused by film critics it still makes a massive amount of cash in the box office.