In a move we thought would take years to happen, The Flash is coming to Supergirl.

The Supergirl episode is due to air on the 28th of March. I am excited to see what brings Grant Gustin’s Flash from the CW to National City. And whether it is the Flash we are used to seeing.

We could possibly see a future version of the Flash or a one from a different world. Why? u say, well the Flash and Arrow seem to live in a world where superheroes are just creeping out from the shadows. This is very different to Supergirl which has cemented the fact that superheroes exist with Superman referenced strongly throughout. A Flash from the present (a world devoid of huge superheroes like Batman, Wonderwoman and Green Lantern) may not fit into Supergirl’s world. But who knows what they have in store.

D.C. has really amped up their television content lately and are really showing themselves to be a strong competitor to the Marvel’s ABC and Netflix’s shows.