Martyrs stars Pretty Little Liars’ Troian Bellisaro as Lucie, a troubled woman who believes she was kept captive and abused as a child. When she escapes her captors and all evidence of her abuse disappears. So the viewer is left wondering whether she imagined it all.

She grows up in some convent home run by and makes a friend in Anna, a fellow orphan who promises that she believes her story. Anna is played by Bailey Noble who was the fairy daughter in True Blood. The two promise to follow each other whereever they go.

The film jumps ten years and takes a disturbing turn. Is this just the concoctions of a woman with mental issues or is there something nefarious going on??
It is a simple movie but definitely keeps you guessing and is super creepy. Would you help out a friend when everything around you is saying ‘GIRL IS CRAY’??
Definitely worth a look if you are a Spencer PLL fan and a horror fan!