All the crazy antics of the fourth season of Arrow have got me twisted.
Felicity just got a body full of bullets and is hospitalized and I’m sorry I blame Oliver.
After years of not wanting to be with Felicity to protect her from the bad guys, Oliver proposes marriage on live television.  I mean, way to throw a target on her back.
Oliver was care free about the whole thing. He should have had armored cars and the super squad in tow. And he literally just drove in a limo unprotected. Very unlike the super paranoid Oliver we are used to.
It all made sense, keep your loved ones in the shadows because your enemies will know how to hurt you. Oliver just stomped on his sensible motives and made me question his actions.
They have been pretty dodge lately. Hiding his son from Felicity, bailing on Star City to live a normal life and hiding the fact he resurrecting his sister from his friends.

This four month jump into the future where we see somebody has died is probably Oliver’s fault too.
Sort it out Ollie.