Next up on my venture through unknown movies is Return to Sender. This film stars Rosamund Pike famous for her role in Gone Girl and Nick Nolte.

Rosamund plays the victim of a violent rape . To regain some control in her life she starts to visit and taunt her rapist while he is in prison.

This was a surprise snore for me. It kept building to something nefarious but only began to hit those heights in the last 10 minutes. I say it began to hit when it was midway through lifting its fist it just stopped!! This does not please me. I don’t want to watch a whole film for it to really start at the end. NO!!

It had some weak nods to some of my favourite films (Misery, Hard Candy and Spit on Your Grave). I was expecting a revenge thriller and I got a slow burner with an unsatisfactory ending. The ending hints that something violent and gruesome has happened but it is so unclear you are wondering whether you missed something.

This needed a hard punch mid way through and it never came. Rosamund is well capable of preforming as a sadistic killer bent on revenge as seen on Gone Girl. Why didn’t they use those attributes and just made her phone it in??