I’m trying to watch films that didn’t get huge promotions but peaked my interest. I’ve so many but I unfortunately always manage to forget about them and then they fall through the cracks.

This week, I watched Every Secret Thing. It is based off an Laura Lippman book of the same name. It stars Dakota Fanning, Diane Lane and Elizabeth Banks.

The eerie film follows Dakota and  relative newcomer Danielle Macdonald after they are accused of abducting and killing a baby when they were 11. Little is known about what really happened 7 years ago. Both the girls claim innocence and never truly admit to what happened to the baby.

It is an unusual film for Banks due to its serious content. I am used to seeing her in comedies but that being said, she plays a detective dealing with a disturbing crime very well. The film twists from the past to the present. Nothing is clear until you’ve seen everything so keep a close eye and ear to your screen.

It is a definitely a hidden gem. I don’t know how this creepy tale of death and childish innocence didn’t get more accolades or a proper release. All binge watching Making a Murderer fans should give this a watch.