I am in the midst of watching Netflix’s newest addition Making A Murderer and I am angry. How did this happen in this day and age??
If anyone hasnt watched, look away now. Spoilers ahead.

Steven Avery is basically jailed for 18 years for a crime he didn’t commit. Once he is released, a few years pass and he is jailed again for another crime. There are so many different and inconsistent witness accounts, there is no evidence to prove he did it AND there is even proof that evidence was possibly tampered with.
There is so much more to this story but it really shows how messed up the justice system is. 

I tried not to google too much about the case but it appears there is a petition to have Avery released from prison. So I am assuming he is still in prison which makes it even worse and infuriating to watch.
The cyber group Anonymous who are known for hacking and releasing information online are also declaring they have found further evidence to exonerate Avery. This is the second time that a television series has helped change a criminal case. HBO’s The Jinx earlier this year found new evidence against Robert Durst.

As more crazy witness accounts and unbelieveable interrogations occur, the more you will find yourself clutching your pearls. This is an intense watch.