Vicky Pattison has been confirmed that she is joining the long running ITV series Loose Women. On her last appearance on the show, Vicky proposed that she should start a late night version of Loose Women called Loose Lasses.
A few weeks pass and Vicky joins the show. I however prefer the idea of Vicky’s proposal. I can’t see us getting the true Vicky with her constantly censoring herself.
Loose Women are trying to gather a younger audience with the help of Vicky however will they enjoy a morning show Vicky?
Vicky has a way with words however those words usually have a swear word amongst the bunch. I don’t think the star could be her brash self on the show if she is constantly trying not to swear or offend viewers.
I hope her appearance on the show goes well but I do believe she would suit and excel on a late night television show format.