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December 2015

TELEVISION- Making A Murderer, prepare to feel angry!!


I am in the midst of watching Netflix’s newest addition Making A Murderer and I am angry. How did this happen in this day and age??
If anyone hasnt watched, look away now. Spoilers ahead.

Steven Avery is basically jailed for 18 years for a crime he didn’t commit. Once he is released, a few years pass and he is jailed again for another crime. There are so many different and inconsistent witness accounts, there is no evidence to prove he did it AND there is even proof that evidence was possibly tampered with.
There is so much more to this story but it really shows how messed up the justice system is. 

I tried not to google too much about the case but it appears there is a petition to have Avery released from prison. So I am assuming he is still in prison which makes it even worse and infuriating to watch.
The cyber group Anonymous who are known for hacking and releasing information online are also declaring they have found further evidence to exonerate Avery. This is the second time that a television series has helped change a criminal case. HBO’s The Jinx earlier this year found new evidence against Robert Durst.

As more crazy witness accounts and unbelieveable interrogations occur, the more you will find yourself clutching your pearls. This is an intense watch.


NEWS- Vicky Pattison joins Loose Women. Does she suit the show?


Vicky Pattison has been confirmed that she is joining the long running ITV series Loose Women. On her last appearance on the show, Vicky proposed that she should start a late night version of Loose Women called Loose Lasses.
A few weeks pass and Vicky joins the show. I however prefer the idea of Vicky’s proposal. I can’t see us getting the true Vicky with her constantly censoring herself.
Loose Women are trying to gather a younger audience with the help of Vicky however will they enjoy a morning show Vicky?
Vicky has a way with words however those words usually have a swear word amongst the bunch. I don’t think the star could be her brash self on the show if she is constantly trying not to swear or offend viewers.
I hope her appearance on the show goes well but I do believe she would suit and excel on a late night television show format.

MOVIES- Is Force Awakens a remix of the original Star Wars??


With the wild success of Star Wars Force Awakens came controversy that it was just a redone and remastered version of the very original Star Wars.
I did see several similarities but the same could be said for Phantom Menace.
All three films took a similar path story wise. Luke, Anakin and now Rey both orphaned and abandoned are forced to live on a desolate planet with goals far beyond the constraints of the poverished lives they led.
All three are strongly connected to the force and are gifted when it comes to technology, flying and using the force. Of course they would have that in common, they are related well I am presuming Rey is somehow related to them.
My opinion, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Use the characters, locations and dangerous perils that capivated audiences for years.
The big bad Kylo Ren is a Darth Vader knock off but considering that he looks up to him why wouldn’t he try to mimic his idol. Every attribute that is considered a rip off or repetition of an age old story make sense. Why not try and repeat a failed plan like the Death Star. You may not fail.
This film series has spanned decades so why not give a nod here and there to the films that have passed. It is a space odyssey soap opera so of course there must be cheesy reveals and shocking familinal connections. That is Star Wars in its essence.

TELEVISION- Orphan Black’s new clone



Tatiana Maslany is unveiling a new clone in the fourth season of her critically acclaimed television show Orphan Black.
I could not be more psyched about this one. I mean look at those photos!!! She looks sinister and ready to cause trouble amongst the clones.
Tatiana has become well known for the portrayal of the several characters she has inhabited throughout the series. God knows what she has in store with this one. The character has been described as very paranoid and secretive. It also appears that she may have information that none of the other clones are aware of.

The fourth series due to air in April can not come sooner.

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