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March 2015

NEWS- Fashion Police on Hiatus

How can this show survive another hiatus and another change in the line up??

The show has pulled away from judging fashion to mocking looks. I think Kathy Griffin and Kelly Osbourne jumping ship really shows that celebrities don’t want to be associated with this show anymore even its stars. Not only have they left the show but they’ve thrown it under a double decker bus.

At the Oscars this year “Who are you wearing?” was a scorned question and was rarely answered. The campaign spear headed by Reese Witherspoon was done to concentrate on the celebrities accomplishments rather than how they looked. With movements like these taking place in the entertainment industry, television shows like Fashion Police will further be seen as the enemy.

The joke that inflamed the controversy surrounding the show was apparently written for Giuliana. Even so, if she wasn’t comfortable with it she shouldn’t have said it!!! If she can’t come up with her own quips then she isn’t fit for a show like Fashion Police.

Fashion Police needs an overhaul with a clear message that they are just judging the clothing.

It may have some controversy competition from a new show coming to E! later in the year. The show will concentrate on judging plastic surgery and will star RuPaul and famed plastic surgeon to the stars Dr. Dubrow.


TELEVISION- SuperGirl costume revealed.

Supergirl for CBS has had its first reveal and its Supergirl’s infamous outfit and it looks amazing. It is not too far off the costume depicted in the 1984 feature film.

Glee alum Melissa Benoist for me was an odd choice but seeing her all suited and booted just binned all my worries. With all the recent castings, it is very much being kept in the DC family. For instance Dean Cain (Lois and Clark’s Superman) and Helen Slater (Supergirl in 1984 film) have been added to the show in unknown roles.

With so many superhero shows in the mix at the moment, I am hoping that Supergirl is a welcomed addition. I am feeling let down by shows like Gotham because they are crime shows in the diguise of a superhero show. I want fantasy and the big battles, don’t let us down Supergirl!!

MOVIES- It Follows

I love love LOVED the concept of this horror film. The main character Jay is infected with a curse that involves some sort of demon following her around until they finally catch and kill her. The demon can only walk, it can look like anyone and is unseen by the uninfected. It is such a simple complex but truly horrific.

The addition of the curse being contracted through sexual intercourse makes it all that real. It is the spookiest S.T.D. you’ll ever see on-screen.

Throughout the film, you are concentrating on the could-be demons walking towards the main characters in the background.

The score is so unbelievable you will want it as your running soundtrack. Nothing will make you want to run for your life like the hair raising tunes in this film. They are so creepy and matches so well with the visuals of this film.

Prepare to double check who is walking behind you once those credits roll.

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