What is with animated features killing off characters so skilfully?? They make us fall in love with character relationships to tear them apart and break our hearts in the meantime. Bye Bambi, enjoy being trampled on Mufasa and don’t get me started on the death in How To Train a Dragon 2!! (I’m being nice by not spoiling too much.) This ritual pretty much continues in Big Hero 6. I felt things!!!

Big Hero 6 was everything I hoped and more. It has some serious sequel potential especially with ties to Marvel God, Stan Lee. INFINITE POSSIBILITIES THERE!! The action is crazy good, the plot was strong (a tad predictable but good for the kiddies) and it had some notable characters that can and hopefully will be expanded on in the future. And can I say how skinny is Honey Lemon?? I had serious unhealthy leg envy.

But what was with the big delay in the film hitting our screens in Ireland?? The film was released in December over in the U.S. which was perfect. Everybody loves a good film around Christmas time and it would have brought big numbers like Frozen did last year. This is what annoys me about the distribution of some films. By the time some films get over to us, they are available via digital formats like iTunes over in America which is ridiculous. We all see the same trailers at the same time so why must we wait a longer time???

Big Hero 6, I think will take a big hit because of this huge delay!! It is such a shame because this film has such marketability like The Incredibles has but it was wasted. If it doesn’t make the money it should, Studios only have themselves to blame.