Madonna may be causing controversy on her Twitter profile by marking famous people with her ‘Rebel Heart’ brand but she has some good tracks behind it all.

Due to demos of future tracks being leaked, Madonna struck back and early released 6 tracks from the upcoming album. In my opinion, Madonna brings it!! I was listening to Bitch I’m Madonna whilst at an ATM and I could of shown my pin code to all. I was more concerned with not slut dropping mid cash withdrawal.

Every track is something different. My stand outs are Devil Pray which has a country flare that twists and turns into a hypnotic electronic beat. Living for Love is the new club banger you will hear constantly. Prepare to bounce and grind to this track for weeks on end. Unapologetic Bitch is almost her pre-made response to the backlash around her recent social networking activity.

My advice on Ms. Madonna, Unfollow her if you are going to get offended and just enjoy her music.