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October 2014

MOVIES- Classic Halloween films you have to rewatch!!

Every October,¬†we start gathering our favourite Halloween themed films. Some of them aren’t scary films. Here is my top ten films that I always re watch during the Halloween season.

Hocus Pocus

Hocus Pocus (1993) Poster

You have to include the Disney classic hocus pocus which came out in 1993 its stars Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy who play three witches resurrected on Halloween night. They spend the night trying to become immortal by sucking the life out children. This is a Halloween MUST.


Halloween (1978) Poster

Halloween is a horror classic it stars Jamie Lee Curtis in her first role on the big screen.
It is about a psychotic murderer that stalks babysitters on Halloween night. What more do you need for a horror film on Halloween night??


Halloweentown (1998) Poster

This is just pure camp. It about a 13 year old girl that finds out she is a witch on Halloween night. She follows her grandmother into a mystical town called Halloweentown that is full of magical mythical creatures. It is a Disney TV movie so don’t expect crazy special effects or seriousness. If you want to rest your brain for an hour and a half check it out.


Scream (1996) Poster

Scream is the classic teen horror from 1996. It is the film that spawn three sequels it stars Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox and David Arquette. Scream follows the lives of teenagers in this small town of Woodsborough. The drama starts when a masked killer starts hunting them down to prove that horror can happen in real life too.

Nightmare on Elm Street

A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) Poster

This is the classic 1984 film which introduced us to that child murderer Freddy Krueger. It had us all pondering whether we could stay awake if our dreams threatened our lives.
It is also the film that launched Johnny Depp’s career.

The Craft

Another Neve Campbell film you have to check out over the Halloween season is The Craft. It is Mean Girls with a supernatural edge. It follows four girls who start experimenting with magic. All goes well at first but some of the girls get power hungry.
It is a fun movie and totally paved the wave for Charmed.


MUSIC- Now Playing: Madness by Muse


I know I am late to the game but I am loving this track. I heard it on an episode of Criminal Minds and totally spaced from the actual plot and started to enjoy the music instead.

It is from Muse’s album ‘The 2nd Law’ so check it out!!

TELEVISION- Why X-Factor needs an impartial judge.


X-Factor this year as always has been shrouded in rumours and one of them has me intrigued.
This rumour is about the live shows including an impartial judge. But does the show really need one and who should it be??
An impartial judge would stop all the uproar that usually follows when the judges decide to go to deadlock. The judges always vote to save their own act so what is the actual point!! We need somebody who is looking at the quality of the act rather than their connection to them in the competition. Enter the impartial judge.
Critiques from an impartial judge may actually be constructive. Why would a judge help out a contestant that isn’t in their group. It doesn’t make sense, these judges are competitive. They don’t want to give their greatest competition the edge. Having some unbiased points that help an act brought into the judging panel at the live shows may stop the constant ‘blaming the song’ complaints every year. Blaming the song you just sung gives no proper direction for what they should do better. They already have to change songs next week?? WHAT ELSE!!

This show needs an odd number of judges to really shake up the show. Who is my choice?? Tulisa, DUH!! She is fresh from a high profile court case and needs to be on our screens pronto. Having somebody who is used to the live shows is essential to getting the most out of a judge. We don’t have time for a rookie getting used to the format, Tulisa would jump straight in. Plus we need somebody to get Louis more involved on the show, we haven’t heard enough from him this season with the cameras on permanent Cheryl watch.
With Tulisa at Louis’ judges houses this year I am doubting she will be involved any further but there is definitely a need for an impartial judge.

MOVIES- Heather Graham back for If There Be Thorns!!


If you have been hooked on the Flowers in the Attic series then you will be delighted to know that Heather Graham will continue her role as Corrine in the third film.
The film follows Christopher and Cathy as they hide their scandalous past from their children.
Lifetime plans to air the third film in early 2015 and the fourth Seeds of Yesterday in late 2015!! Boy are we are lucky!!
Incest is best!!

NEWS- RHONJ stars get prison sentences


It was the day every Real Housewife of New Jersey fan was awaiting, Teresa and Joe Giudice’s sentencing.
Both stars have received jail time. Teresa got 15 months and her husband got 41 months. They will both do their time separately so their four kids will have one of their parents at all times.
Teresa is due to start her prison sentence after Christmas on January 5th.
The couple plan to share their story on Watch What Happens Live on Oct 6th.
Will she return to housewives when she gets out?? Who knows but I am guessing Andy is hoping so!! Think of the book deals she will get now.

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