I find it so odd to see Jennifer Love Hewitt involved in Criminal Minds. She seems like she loves being a main star so it baffles the mind as to why she got involved in an ensemble cast that has ten seasons under its belt.

She has carried two shows skillfully (Ghost Whisperer and The Client List) so why didn’t she just pitch a show to star in herself??

I have two theories:
A. JLove recently had a baby. Maybe the long days of shooting as a main star turned her off having her own show. With Criminal Minds she could use the downtime to go home and spend time with her child. It beats doing guest appearances on shows and travelling all over to work.

Or B, which is something I’ve clearly thought too much about. In her previous series the Client List,  JLove became pregnant with one of her co-stars. Rumours were swirling that JLove wanted the writers to incorporate the pregnancy into the show. Not only that but wanted her costar boyfriend and now husband to be the father of the child.
The show was cancelled as they couldn’t reach an agreement so maybe she got herself a little bit of a reputation.
Forcing a writer’s hand seems like a big No No. These are the people ensuring you get loads of screentime and that the show is a hit. Why bite the hand that feeds??

Either way, I’m excited to see her on the show. Knowing Criminal Minds and how they switch people in and out she will last like 2 seasons and move onto her own show again.