The last couple of years, South Park has used current affairs issues as plots for a majority of their episodes. It is a great way to educate people on what is going on in the world.

In the premiere episode of its 18th season they touched on Washington Redskins losing the use of their branding. This was totally lost on me as I am not American. I have never heard of the team and the case surrounding their logo.

It isn’t the first time that South Park has based an episode around topical American issue. I now find myself googling more about the issue than enjoying and understanding the episode.

In that case, is South Park losing a whole international audience because they are not aware of news over in America??!!
It is fair to say that they are doing us justice by educating us about issues but sometimes you just want to sit down and not think so much.  You want those classic Cartman moments where he convinces people to buy weapons or kill his step brother. I want more South Park episodes that don’t require us to google things to understand certain aspects of the episode.