Sometimes a good film trailer will drag you to the cinema and sometimes it will make you feel like you have seen the film.

The latest trailer for Gone Girl was deceptively long!! it gave away bits that would trick a viewer into believing they have seen it all. However having read the book, I knew it was that wasn’t the case. If you didn’t read the book you wouldn’t be bothered going to see it.

A different aspect to trailers is the case of Edge of Tomorrow. The trailers released for it only showed one aspect of the film. The battle scenes between Tom Cruise and the aliens. In that respect, I thought it didn’t entice me to go see it. Had I not heard about the rave reviews I wouldn’t have even bothered to watch it. I would have pawned it off as another Tom Cruise film.

So what makes a good trailer??? Something that doesn’t give too much away and has you wanting more. If you watch it and feel like you got loads spoilt then they did a bad job. I remember looking back at trailers of films I had already seen and spotting huge spoilers. How irresponsible do you have to be to include that kind of footage in a trailer??

Trailers have become a dodgy workmanship. You are better off managing the censorship yourself. Shield yourself if you have seen enough. My advice for you stick to teaser trailers that last no more than 30 seconds.