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September 2014

TELEVISION- Did the Simpsons death live up to the hype??


Last year the creators of The Simpsons promised that a major award winning character would be killed off in the season premiere of the 26th season.
With such a scary warning, fans began to speculate which one of their favourite characters would leave the show.
The episode aired last year and the character to bite the dust was…. Krusty’s father
Rabbi Hyman Krustofski.
Was it really necessary for an announcement for this death of this character??
He would of appeared in maybe 5-10 episodes out of the 550 series run. Not only that but the episode was titled Clown in the Dumps. It didn’t take much to figure out that the episode would revolve around Krusty in some way.
Had they kept the death a secret they would have gotten more of an reaction rather than the lackluster response they received last night.
Less hype and more quality please!!


TELEVISION- Shonda Rhimes Drinking Game Alert




Drinking game alert!!
You know when you are watching a show and you wonder “you know what would go great with this show….alcohol”.
It is time to sit down to your favourite Shonda Rhimes shows and blur the walls between all her shows by drinking some sauce.
Even though you will probably forget half the plot you will thank god for Shonda Rhimes have so many recurring story moments.
You’re welcome for the fun and sorry about the hangover.

TELEVISION- Why did Jennifer Love Hewitt join Criminal Minds??


I find it so odd to see Jennifer Love Hewitt involved in Criminal Minds. She seems like she loves being a main star so it baffles the mind as to why she got involved in an ensemble cast that has ten seasons under its belt.

She has carried two shows skillfully (Ghost Whisperer and The Client List) so why didn’t she just pitch a show to star in herself??

I have two theories:
A. JLove recently had a baby. Maybe the long days of shooting as a main star turned her off having her own show. With Criminal Minds she could use the downtime to go home and spend time with her child. It beats doing guest appearances on shows and travelling all over to work.

Or B, which is something I’ve clearly thought too much about. In her previous series the Client List,  JLove became pregnant with one of her co-stars. Rumours were swirling that JLove wanted the writers to incorporate the pregnancy into the show. Not only that but wanted her costar boyfriend and now husband to be the father of the child.
The show was cancelled as they couldn’t reach an agreement so maybe she got herself a little bit of a reputation.
Forcing a writer’s hand seems like a big No No. These are the people ensuring you get loads of screentime and that the show is a hit. Why bite the hand that feeds??

Either way, I’m excited to see her on the show. Knowing Criminal Minds and how they switch people in and out she will last like 2 seasons and move onto her own show again.

MUSIC- The Danity Kane album gets release date


Despite the drama surrounding the band lately, Danity Kane remaining members Aubrey and Shannon have announced that the album will be available to download on iTunes on 28th of October. Sooooo soon.

Their new album is entilted D3 (even though technically there are only two members at the moment). With Dawn gracing the cover we can assume that her vocals were not removed from the tracks.

We will finally get to hear that floor stomper “All in a Day’s Work” along with 9 other songs. The band has also published a new track Rhythm of Love which you can listen below.

Cling to these new tracks as we probably won’t hear anything new for a long time.

TELEVISION- Is South Park only appealing to American audiences??


The last couple of years, South Park has used current affairs issues as plots for a majority of their episodes. It is a great way to educate people on what is going on in the world.

In the premiere episode of its 18th season they touched on Washington Redskins losing the use of their branding. This was totally lost on me as I am not American. I have never heard of the team and the case surrounding their logo.

It isn’t the first time that South Park has based an episode around topical American issue. I now find myself googling more about the issue than enjoying and understanding the episode.

In that case, is South Park losing a whole international audience because they are not aware of news over in America??!!
It is fair to say that they are doing us justice by educating us about issues but sometimes you just want to sit down and not think so much.  You want those classic Cartman moments where he convinces people to buy weapons or kill his step brother. I want more South Park episodes that don’t require us to google things to understand certain aspects of the episode.

BOOKS- Jillian Hoffman synopsis of new book.

Set for a release of 12th of February 2015. Jillian Hoffman’s new book sounds as thrilling as its predecessors.


You can check out the synopsis above. It was in the Google Bookstore and it has me hooked already. I am assuming this book is the one she spoke about on her website. If it is, then the temporary title at the moment is The Bad Samaritan.

February 12th can come no sooner.

MOVIES- The art of a good trailer!!

Sometimes a good film trailer will drag you to the cinema and sometimes it will make you feel like you have seen the film.

The latest trailer for Gone Girl was deceptively long!! it gave away bits that would trick a viewer into believing they have seen it all. However having read the book, I knew it was that wasn’t the case. If you didn’t read the book you wouldn’t be bothered going to see it.

A different aspect to trailers is the case of Edge of Tomorrow. The trailers released for it only showed one aspect of the film. The battle scenes between Tom Cruise and the aliens. In that respect, I thought it didn’t entice me to go see it. Had I not heard about the rave reviews I wouldn’t have even bothered to watch it. I would have pawned it off as another Tom Cruise film.

So what makes a good trailer??? Something that doesn’t give too much away and has you wanting more. If you watch it and feel like you got loads spoilt then they did a bad job. I remember looking back at trailers of films I had already seen and spotting huge spoilers. How irresponsible do you have to be to include that kind of footage in a trailer??

Trailers have become a dodgy workmanship. You are better off managing the censorship yourself. Shield yourself if you have seen enough. My advice for you stick to teaser trailers that last no more than 30 seconds.

MOVIES- Before I Go To Sleep

I already read Before I Go To Sleep so I already knew what the ending was. The interest in going to see this film was to see the what way they adapted the book into film.

Actors wise I think they did a good job in choosing Nicole Kidman, Colin Firth and Mark Strong. Stand out was probably Colin as he had so many characters in there. From caring husband to somebody who might not trust. Mark Strong aswell did the same in a smaller scale.

In the film instead of writing a diary the main character Christine does a daily video diary on a camera that she has to hide from her husband.I found this hard to believe because not only that she have to find a spot to secretly record her video clips but she had to watch them back again in the morning. It seemed super risky for somebody who didn’t trust her husband.

Apart from that I think the mystery was well executed and it maintained the thrilleresque and tense moments throughout the film.

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