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August 2014

TELEVISION- 2 weeks ago the Dome appeared???

Has anyone listening to the opening of Under the Dome and wondered “This two season show has took place over 2 weeks”. If all that has happened in the 26 episodes happened to me, I would crack.

Not only that but all the couples who just met in the pilot are declaring their love for each other. It has been two weeks people!!! I know natural disasters bring people closer together but seriously start focusing on your escape and not your potential love life.

Another thing that has me raising my eyebrows is how easily wound up the people of this town are. They nearly hung a man in public.

Even though this show is ridiculous it has me hooked. I hope it doesn’t follow in the footsteps of the book and we basically have the ability to find out what happens. I LIKE TO BE SURPRISED.


TELEVISION- PLL character bites the dust

Spoiler alert a huge character has left the Pretty Little Liars series.
Mona Vanderwaal who has been haunting the girls for over four seasons was killed off in dramatic fashion in the mid season finale. No need to fret though as the actor who plays Mona, Janel Parrish, declared on Twitter that she was still appear in flashbacks.
Although all eyes will be pointed to Allison as being the killer I am assuming that it is a lot more nefarious knowing how twisted this show has gotten.
The show will return for a Christmas special and then will air the rest of the season in the new year.

TELEVISION- Pilots coming in 2014

Here are some new shows that I am exciting about this year.


This television series will retell the story of Bruce Wayne becoming Batman but from the perspective of Jim Gordon. Who? you ask. Remember Commissioner Gordon, the guy who would spark up the Bat Signal and was the glorious owner of that red telephone the batman television series from the 60s.

With all the castings of villains, I am assuming that it will focus more of an origin story of them rather than Batman. I think this is a good move considering we have seen Bruce Wayne become Batman sooo many times at this point.

This will definitely be worth a look.


Another spin off of the CSI franchise. It is a different take on the series though as it focuses on Cyber Crimes. With Patricia Arquette involved I am on board. I am hoping this takes off and tells some interesting stories that differentiate itself from other spin offs.


Another DC character is set to hit the television screens this fall in the form of The Flash. His character was introduced in the CW series Arrow (this was pre powers so you haven’t missed any Flash action so far). This show seems like it is going to be a more sci-fi show compared to Arrow’s emphasis on heroes not having supernatural abilities.

So you can expect some of the bigger DC characters making an appearance. I think this will be a cool addition to watch alongside Arrow.


Forever tells the story of an immortal medical examiner who spends his time solving crimes and trying to work out why he has lived for over 200 years. Every time he dies he ends up waking up naked in a body of water. It is a very interesting concept and I am hoping it does well.

Other shows worth a mention are: How to get away with Murder, Scorpion and Stalker.

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