Angelina Jolie gives good movie!! Angelina plays the classic Disney character last famously seen on the big screen in the animation classic Sleeping Beauty.
This live version gives us a different side to the character of Maleficent. From toddler to full blown bad ass witch we follow her as she gets revenge after being wronged by the man she once loved.

This is the perfect example of “two sides to every story” as we learn what propelled Maleficent into casting the devious curse on a young Aurora.
The visuals in this film were amazing especially any scene involving Maleficent flying.

This was such a dark and gruesome Disney movie. I mean Angelina basically SPOILER gets her wings cut off by some guy who hit it and quit it.

If you are a Disney, fairytale, Angelina Jolie fan this is something that should be on your list.