If you haven’t watched the new X-Men film look no further…SPOILERS


Thanks to the latest addition to the X-Men Franchise, Days of Future Past, the whole series has experienced a complete reboot.

Wolverine went into the past and due to the changes he made, we see a whole new X-Men future. The biggest change being the resurrection of fan favourite Jean Grey.

Although it is amazing that we get all our favourite characters back,  have we wasted our time by watching a bunch of films that now didn’t happen?

Time travel has been a huge aspect to the X-Men comics so it rings true to the material. However, I am putting this down to fixing some continuity issues with the series. Wolverine has metal claws, then he doesn’t. He is related to Sabretooth then he isn’t??? Professor X says he met Magneto at a different age than shown in First Class. Mystique and Professer X grew up with each other and then show none of this past in the original films??? You would think with the wealth of material to work off of it would be difficult to make continuity errors with these films.

Although the previous films are now basically defunct besides First Class. I like the fact that the future has changed and we are unaware as to why!! This can lead into retelling of stories that previous films failed on. They have really let down the character of Rogue in these films. She was such a core member of the X-Men and in the films she was shadow of what she could become.

Lets hope that the future films continue to fix the plotholes and continuity mistakes that have plagued these films. For now I am willing to forget the original films and pass it off to them being part of a parallel universe or something. Join me.