Gutter Lips


May 2014

NEWS- Guess who is coming to Once Upon A Time!!

Storybrooke is about to be Frozen over because Elsa is joining the next season. The movie has literally just finished showing in the cinemas and the character is already appearing on-screen again. At the end of the third season’s finale, Elsa appears from one of Mr. Gold’s mysterious magical ornaments and she seems pissed.

Knowing Once, the character will get a little added twist and I am excited for it. With Regina facing off against the Wicked Witch this season, I cannot wait for her meet Elsa. Will they get on??? I doubt it!!


MUSIC- Now Playing: Chandelier by Sia


Both the song and video for this track are AMAZING! Sia’s vocals as ever are spot on and she delivers such a powerful raw performance in several parts throughout the song.
If you have see the music video, you may have noticed that it features Maddie from Dance Moms. I haven’t watched that show in forever and homegirl has grown. I mean she owned that video. She was doing moves that would put you in hospital!! I bet those other Moms are spitting at their screens right now.
Prepare to be shouting at the top of your lungs to this one.

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