Bleugh and here I was thinking they would clean up the mess they made in The Last Stand. 

Word has been spreading that a scene actress Anna Paquin had filmed for her role as Rogue has been cut from the new X-Men film Days of Future Past. Although it sounds like such a waste of Paquin’s time, she only took part in one scene and that was the scene that was cut. Sounds like the scene was a small cameo so her character must not have played a pivotal role in the sequel. It is still sad anyway.

I am a big fan of the series and was delighted upon hearing she was back to play her again. They took away her powers and basically sent an awful message that if you’re different, CHANGE. I was hoping they would bring her back and show how changing didn’t help her in the end. BOO Bryan Singer!!! Hopefully he will change his mind and bring her back in some sort of shape or form.

I shall wait for the DVD to see Rogue in all her glory.