Last we seen Hanna she was being hauled in by the cops because they found her with her father’s gun. She spends the entire episode being held captive by her now ever-present father who is trying to keep their family intact. I love how when his ass on the line (for having an unlicensed gun) his daddy instincts kick in. Unfortunately things do not get any better for the Marin family as the gun matches the gun that killed Wilden. Not only that but the bullets have Hanna’s mom’s fingerprints all over them.

31-07-2013 22-51-28

Don’t worry because of Fifty Shades of Grey handcuffs are in this season…

Elsewhere, having some itchy feet Spencer decides to go on a little road trip with Toby. Why the solo gig Spencer, why no help from the other girls? Well, Mona blabbed about the fact that Toby stole the RV and handed it over to A. She also blabbed about the little detail of Spencer knowing about it for weeks. The girls get their cold shoulders on and throw Spencer some shade for the rest of the episode.

Spin-off alert, Spencer and Toby travel to Ravenswood. This is the location of the new show on ABC Family where Caleb is set to move to. It is like every Hitchcock film rolled into one. Did anyone else wonder whether those creepy birds would attack? They bump into Ms. Grunwald (the den mother of the sorority house in the previous episode). She is playing all kinds of stupid and gives Spencer no leads. She is so suspiciously alike to Ali, they have to be related.  LOOK…

31-07-2013 22-50-15

Is that Ali wearing prosthetic make-up??

So feeling like they wasted a whole lot of time and gas, Toby and Spencer decide to leave Ravenswood but spot Shana. But in PLL fashion before they could get any info out of her, she sped off in Jenna’s car. Thank god for small town traffic because there easily could have been a collision.

Emily collided with the police this week when she made a big move in trying to help out Hanna’s mom. She got her hands on the footage of Jenna and Shana helping out Wilden after Hanna’s Mom ran over him with a car. Unfortunately Captain Obvious Emily just left the footage laying on the main detective’s desk for all to see. Does she not know by now to keep her cards close? When Emily is brought in and questioned about the footage she gets a surprise when she realizes the CD had been replaced by somebody else and they also forged her signature. Check out the footage that it was replaced with CREEEPY.

31-07-2013 22-49-16

Those masks are becoming hella creepy already.

At the end of the episode we see Red Hood wearing a Emily mask behind the wheel of a car. Oh the drama of it all?? What is A up to?

Finally Aria has been trying to stay away from anything A-like and got her tutor on. Specifically with a team-mate of her brother’s. When the lesson is over, he makes a move and kisses Aria. How could she blame the boy, she is the one who always gets all hot and bothered by teaching. As she laughs it off, she soon finds out that the boy has been bragging around school that they hooked up. Feeling embarrassed she confronts him in the locker-room to set the story straight and the conversation is overheard by Ezra. When he tries to help, she warns him that he lost his privileges to help when they broke up. Harsh Aria. A couple of hours later and the boys car is totalled.

31-07-2013 22-48-18

The message is loud and clear: Don’t fuck with Aria

There are so many culprits that could have done this but my money is on Ezra. He looked way too innocent in that locker room to not retaliate.

This week’s episode was very good, the story lines have gotten very separate due to the girls having their disagreements (or in Hanna’s case being trapped in her house). I like that because it means the girls are all actively making bold moves to find out more about A. The Ravenswood trip just seemed like a bit of a waste, I can see that it was a little bit of a teaser for the spin-off but in actuality a spooky town a show does not make. I need more juice in my spooky towns.