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The Hunger Games in True Blood

Stakes are getting higher and sharper in this week’s episode of True Blood. The number of our favourite vampires being locked up is rising by the episode. The camp is now hosting vampires: Jessica, Pam, Eric, Tara, Steve Newlin, the Governor’s Daughter and who knows who else. Eric has been fighting against other vamps in tests set by the camp and his final opponent ends up being Pam.  She has been super pissy with him since he stopped being her maker, so who knows if she will actually fight. A major character is going to be killed off soon and I am worried it is going to be Pam by the looks of this scenario.

When will this ever end? The Governor’s daughter isn’t having the best time either. She didn’t get any special privileges in the camp. She is stuck in some private cell being monitored by a pervy guard. Eric knows she is there so I am guessing he will be the one to save her.  Tara is sharing cell quarters with a high on fairy blood Jessica and some uber sexy unnamed female vamp. I could smell the sexual tension between her and Tara, it was like an episode of Oz.

Elsewhere we get to learn more about the origin of Warlow and see what his intentions are with Sookie. Soon after Sookie attacks Warlow, we learn that Sookie’s parents were in fact trying to kill her on that bridge when they were killed. Warlow was trying to save her when he killed them. But why did Claudette try to kill Warlow?? Was he too tempted by Sookie’s blood?? It also turns out that Sookie was being given to Warlow as a pact of marriage not death. Because of this, Warlow has been in love with Sookie for yonks. Creepy.

Not only do we learn about Warlow’s ties to Sookie’s parents but also his ties to Lillith. Lillith was the one who turned Warlow into a vampire/faery which explains why Bill can compel Warlow. Lillith believed that Warlow would be the saviour of all vampires. Has it something to do with his blood being synthesized to save vampires from a true death??

After Warlow was rejected by his tribe, he killed them all the members because he was tempted by their blood. The tribe members lay in ruins (except Sookie’s great grandfather who was safely tucked away in his tent) and as an act of guilt and revenge he killed Lillith for turning him into a monster.

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Lillith sees the light.

When Warlow escapes Bill will he get with Sookie?? Will his blood actually change the vampire rule book by allowing them to walk around during the day?? So much could happen.

Elsewhere Sookie is reeling from the news that her parents tried to kill her because of her gift. They didn’t want Warlow turning her into a vampire so they could be together forever; so they decide to end her life completely. When Sookie decides to stage an intervention using Lafayette’s seancing ways it doesn’t end well.

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In to the boot you go Sookie…

Lafayette gets possessed by Sookie’s father and decides to finish what he started by trying to kill Sookie again. Eeek hope she can hold her breath…


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No need to say anything else…

Jason has a reunion with two exes this week when he has sex with Sarah Newlin. She decides to bail on the Governor; for at least one night anyway. All that changes when Jessica arrives on Jason’s doorstep high from drinking all but one of Andy’s daughters dry of blood. When Sarah realizes that Jason has had sex with a vampire she loses her shit. She notifies the anti-vamp police and they turn up to arrest Jessica. Jason feels guilty and decides to make plans to save Jessica. His plan is to join the anti-vamp police. Hopefully Jason will free all the vampires and we can all sleep soundly.

In shifter, werewolf news we get to see varied emotions from Alcide.

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angry…angry and angry

Yet again another pack master gets drunk on power and is killing anyone who questions him or his pack. On his quest to find Sam he manages to abandon his father. But when his father spots Sam in a parking lot, we still have to wonder whether he will go running to Alcide. Hopefully not, I am totally anti Alcide at the moment. He was so nice in the books and now he is a dick. Sam however is moving on with his new little pro supernatural protester. Poor Luna, she is a distant memory.

In human news, Andy is grieving for his dead daughters and Terry has asked an old friend to kill him. I totally forgot he killed that old army buddy last season. I don’t see his friend going ahead with the killing for some reason. He looked suspicious and his interests peaked when Terry told him who he killed. What is up to??

Good episode, they need less werewolves though. I am bored of angry pack masters.