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Fabulous new look Ms. Marin

This week we learned that Hanna’s mom would look amazing with a pixie cut, even if she disagrees. Hanna hasn’t been sleeping very well and has been having dreams of her mother switching her louboutins for an orange jump suit and sandals. As Ms. Marin speaks to Spencer’s mother about legal advice, Hanna freaks under pressure and steals the gun from their house. After four seasons the girls are failing to sense when there is an emergency and Hanna is ignored by all three girls. Feeling antsy she plays McGyver and uses a glass as a shovel to make a grave for the gun. Unfortunately the cops are already on the look out for Hanna and interrupt her mid-digging.

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Busted: This does not look good.

Why were the girls so preoccupied that they weren’t paying attention to Hanna’s cries for help. For one, Aria is dealing with her mother questioning her decision to leave the country. Just as she was packing her bags her brother demands she stays. And while we wonder why on earth Ella should leave she gets attacked by a bunch of bees.

16-07-2013 20-59-55If this was Charmed, those bees would be on fire along with the car.

Aria adamant that her mother must leave goes in search of help. Who does she approach? Only Ella’s ex who persuades her that it is his turn to play parent (because apparently he hasn’t being one for a while). And then in an historical moment on Pretty Little Liars the whole Montgomery family are in the same room. Prepare your shocked face.

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Believe your eyes, IT HAPPENED!!

I think Ella may live this season. I just have a bad feeling. All the cast members have been sending her tweets as if she off set a lot. COME BACK ELLA!!

Equally distracted were Spencer and Emily this week as they visited a nearby college. Spencer is there for A business (she found out that the number the parrot was singing has a similar area code to the college) and Emily might be interested in attending. The girls squabble over Spencer looking down on the college (while Emily wants to go there). Spencer also accuses Emily of seducing the guy trying to get them both in their desired colleges. Who knew Emily was such a man eater. Things get heated and they separate at the sorority party. Whilst learning about a sorority house (which could obtain her a scholarship), Emily learns about a stern den mother who used to have the sorority house on lock down. Who is this woman and why does A have a framed photograph of her???

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She kind of looks like an older Ali. Could she be her real mother, grandmother?? Who is this woman??

While Emily learns about college life, Spencer learns the insides of the sorority house!! Like a scene out of Pyscho, Spencer finds a hidden den inside the house.

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Run girl Run

The den has a rocking chair and a creepy pink phone. The phone number is the number that the parrot memorized. What is going on?? Who was Ali calling in this den, the den mother??

So many new questions arose from this episode. I am assuming all the girls will attend this college even Spencer. They can’t all go to colleges around the country. It wouldn’t work. Maybe one of them will fail their exams or A may frame them for cheating in an exam or get them expelled from school. Either way, they will all be living close to each other. I doubt A could terrorize them from Rosewood if they are all over the place, but who knows.

Loving this whole den mother mystery already and it has only begun. WHO IS SHE???