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I didn’t see that coming…

Plot twist time, we should have been more suspicious of this new character Ben because it turns out he is Warlow. Not only is he a powerful vampire but he also has fairy powers. Sookie is fooked. It isn’t long before everyone is clued in on Ben’s real identity and the Stackhouse family get their plans in action…separately though. Jason and his great grandfather attack him without haste but it backfires.  Jason is glamoured and walks away from the situation while his great grandfather is then thrown into the wormhole place that Warlow was trapped in. What a predicament!! And all because Warlow wanted to save Jason’s life by making him drink his blood.  Who would complain though because it brought about this delicious scene:

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Nobody does homoerotic scenes as good as True Blood.

Sookie’s plan to kill Warlow however seems to be going a lot better. First she poisons his food with silver but it doesn’t have any effect on him. When that doesnt work, she charges up her fairy magic just in time for the episode to end. ARGH!!! Considering that next week’s episode is entitled Fuck the Pain Away, I am assuming things change and they screw.  Maybe Warlow isn’t as bad as we think. He did after all save Jason. 

Elsewhere Sam is on the run from Alcide’s pack and he lets us know what he has in common with a horse.

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Just kidding, he shifts into a horse soon after.

Yet again, Sam and Lafayette’s storyline takes the form of small vignettes. They seem to be getting progressively longer through so next week should be more juicy. Sam clearly has gotten over Luna because he kisses the protester woman by the end of the episode.

 Bill is still on a mission to get fairy blood synthesized so that vampires will be immune from a true death. Unfortunately it requires a lot of fairy blood to experiment the process. Queue an angry Carrie like Bill.

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Enter Andy’s daughters. They have yet again gone through another quick stage in life and are now teenagers. Jessica joins the gang of girls and brings them all to Bill’s mansion. Bill seduces all the girls to get some blood but when they rebel against Jessica, bloodshed ensues. Jessica gets super hungry and seemingly kills the girls.

Eric still on a mission to get revenge on the Governor turns his daughter to a vampire.

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She is delighted and is loving her new life as a vampire. Unfortunately when Eric reveals that he turned her to teach her father a lesson she gets super pissed. She can’t argue though as he compels her to confront her father. It doesn’t go too well because the confrontation takes place on front of Sarah Newlin who takes matters into her own hands and shoots her.

Not only is Eric’s new protégé on her way to the vampire camp but so is Eric’s sister Nora and his other successor Pam. Everything is coming together for Bill’s vision of a vampire apocalypse to come to fruition.

I am loving this season so far. The story lines are all strong (no matter the amount of airtime they get). Maybe it was a good idea for Alan Ball to step down.