Melissa must be not making many appearances this season because the girls took action this week. They weren’t pussy footing around her at all and set up a little trap. It was really not like them. You can tell why they don’t act like spies often..

03-07-2013 21-53-51

Who doesn’t see two creeps at your window??

The girls use the mould of Melissa they found last week to confront Melissa on her dealings with Wilden and Ali. When Melissa drives to the mould makers workshop she starts to destroy the remaining masks of her. Spencer confronts her and we finally get more some answers. Turns out Melissa made the same deal as Emily with the artist  to find out information on the Ali masks. We also learn that somebody was controlling Wilden and making him force the Melissa, Jenna and Shauna into doing things for A (Halloween fiasco and who knows what else). Wilden also started the fire in the lodge. Melissa also thinks that Ali is alive which means she definitely wasn’t involved in killing her. After we find all that juicy stuff out, Melissa vanishes.  Just as Aria is about to join the conversation. I definitely think that Spencer knows more than we think she does. I’m watching you Spencer, that conversation definitely didn’t finish there.

Aria was very quiet this week, she revealed to her new martial arts teacher that she was with her old teacher. And then things got awkward and he bailed. But it was an open ended bailing. She can pretty much call him later on but he was a little taken back by the whole situation.

Things however were not as quiet for Hanna as she is covering to the cops for her mother and doing a crappy job of it. Especially when her Mom makes this face when the cops open Wilden’s safety deposit box on front of her.

03-07-2013 21-51-38

Not suspicious at all…

Hanna’s mom is just looking crazy suspicious at the moment. This new cop that is in charge of the Wilden’s case is not taking any shit either. Perfect casting by the way, big Roma Maffia fan since Double Jeopardy. Hanna tries to sway the cop’s interest in her Mom by making them look into Melissa. Unfortunately that doesn’t work and they just push her and her mother into a corner. Questions for Hanna’s Mom are: Whose gun is in the safety deposit box? and simply What were you doing in Rosewood when you were supposed to be in New York??? Also work on your keeping it cool face.

Somebody else who is suffering from “stressed out resting face” is Emily.

03-07-2013 21-52-05

Take it down a peg Ems

Emily decides to play it cool and confront her doctor about the misunderstanding surrounding the medication. She then realizes that he is the one who reported her to family services initially. She starts to act frantic and only makes it more obvious that she is being abused somehow. We must remember that she actually is being abused by A and now all that past behaviour is now being pointed at her parents. Emily is cracking on front of our eyes because of A and it is all being blamed on her parents. With Emily’s father back in town, she is not going to get away with anything. He is in the army remember, they can be pretty strict. No more investigations in the middle of nowhere for you.

Emily also finally reveals to Paige that she injured herself because of A and they both deal with the possibility of Emily’s scholarship dreams no longer being reality. What way will this show go when they leave high school?? Will they even go to college??? I have wondered about this for so long. The books haven’t even took place after school yet. It is on book 13 or so and they only just went to prom.

In other news, Toby found his mother’s doctor who is now living in some sort of home. He doesn’t make a whole lot of sense because he seems to be suffering from dementia. He even warns Toby’s mother (as if she were alive) to stay away from that ‘blonde girl”.  Is he losing his marbles or is Toby’s mother actually alive??

In new Ali news, Ali was desperate to get cash off the mould creator Hector?? Like crazy desperate. Why did Ali need money so badly?? What were you up to Ali???

A much better episode than last week, I always love an episode with a flashback of Ali. It makes it seem like we are actually getting somewhere. Last week confused me because they were adding so much without properly explaining it.