And the plot thickens…

As we seen last week from Bill’s vision, there is a vampire apocalypse upon us and all our favourite vampires are due to die. We also seen in his vision that Bill could walk in the sun…

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That didn’t work out so well…

Even though Bill cannot walk in the sun, it is more obvious that vampires are in actual trouble. The dreaded image of a camp like state was uttered by the Governor of Louisiana’s daughter. Spilling to Eric, we learn that vampires are being experimented on and killed. This explains how the Governor has learnt how to bypass glamouring. With Bill suffering from some sort of messiah complex, he believes that he can save everyone and stop the apocalypse from happening. First he sets Jessica off in search of the rumoured creator of True Blood, secondly he visits Sookie. He wants a sample of her faery blood believing that he can synthesize it and save vampires from facing a True Death. How did that go??

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Not so well, Bill basically recreates Carrie by tearing up Sookie’s home and throws plates around with his mind. When Sookie won’t help him by offering up her blood, Bill throws his toys out the pram and says she is dead to him. I am sensing they won’t have many scenes together this season. Plan B soon arises though when Bill becomes aware that Andy is the father of 4 teenage faeries.

Elsewhere we get a little look at this camp that the Governor has created to extinguish vampires for good.  Steve Newlin is just one of the vampires being held captive there and meets one of his captors; his wife.

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Sarah Newlin is now highly involved in politics. Her theory is, being a politician makes it easier for her to get God’s work done. She is now wealthy after writing a book about Steve turning into a vampire and abandoning the Fellowship of the Sun, but the money has done nothing for her vendetta against him and vampires. She is behind the extermination of vampires via the concentration campesque idea 100 percent. I do love the progression of these characters on the show. They originally started as religious cult co-leaders and now she is planning on having him burnt alive by the sun. Where else do you see that?

A little Faery update, Sookie’s great grandfather has found out that a good majority of Faerys in Bon Temps have been killed by Warlow. He found a Faery struggling to live and from my prospective he killed him?? Or does the trip back to Faeryland look horribly painful. Now I am even more suspicious of him. He also met with Ben who knows about Warlow too. What is going on? And who is the vampire who attacked Ben in episode 1???

Minor stories this week: Alcide is just getting angrier and angrier. There should be a drinking game for every time Alcide grunts or growls in an episode, you’d be tipsy after a single scene with him. He is also losing control of his pack. They killed a bunch of protesters hoping to help Shifters and Werewolves get more rights. While that was happening, Sam managed to get Emma back from the pack.

Eric is trying to figure out how to get back at the Governor for stealing his bar and having violence against vampires become legal. He is holding the Governor’s daughter ransom and it isn’t going to plan at all. First they have no place to hide her because Fangtasia is too obvious, secondly when they do hide out in Ginger’s house they are found pretty easily when they trace a call to Eric’s phone. Tara runs off with the Governor’s daughter so who knows how that will go down next week.

Jason is also getting weaker and weaker by the minute.  He is a little bit more sane though than previous episodes.

Very good episode, I am beginning to enjoy how the minor stories are developing. I think the amount of time that each storyline will differentiate as the season progresses. I hope so anyway because it would mean seeing more of lesser seen people in the next couple of episodes. Poor Lafayette, every time I see him there is a kitchen in the background. Get him outside!!!!