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They are onto them…

The cops are getting crazy close to the girls this week as Hanna stumbles upon a white board full of suspicion. Saying that, nobody is higher on the lists of perpetrators than Hanna’s Mom. Her innocence is becoming less likely as we find out more. She clearly hasn’t thought through her alibi as she went missing in New York as Hanna finds out that instead of going to a broadway show like she said, Hanna’s mom was M.I.A. Where did she go? Back to Rosewood to kill Wilden? It seems way to obvious for the culprit to Hanna’s mom. If signs show it is her this early in the season then it can’t be her. She definitely was up to something though, her ex husband’s gun is now missing and she was looking for money. What have you been up to Ms. Marin?? It is probably something innocent like hiring a hit man and then she thought he went through with it since Wilden was killed. But they will eventually find out Wilden was killed before the hit man could get to him. I like how I think that is innocent.

The parents are getting heavily involved in A’s schemes this season as Emily’s mom has become another of her targets. Suffering from the pool accident last week, Emily visits her doctor. She lets slip that she may have tried some medication (that was prescribed to her mother) and now family services are keeping close eyes on them. It probably didn’t help with this little scene was reported to family services aswell.

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Know your audience Emily’s Mom

I love how family services didn’t get involved in the Pretty Little Liars books when some of the girls were kicked out of their homes. Aria for not telling Ella that Byron was cheating and Emily for being gay. When we start to think that this whole family services thing is non A related, Emily receives a text from A with a photo shopped photo of her Mom behind bars. Eeek, the parents are not getting off easy this season.

Somebody must have been listening to me last week as the majority of reoccurring characters have returned.


Caleb, Melissa and Ella all returned this episode and they all brought the drama. Caleb has been doing his own digging and found out about the whole gun fiasco with Hanna’s mom. Caleb is looking less suspicious as the episodes progress. I am guessing we are going to adore him by mid season when he is due to leave for the spin off show.

In other news, Ella was asked by her new beau to join him in Austria. Ella says no but when Aria sees that the other girls are having parental issues all relating to A she convinces her mother to join him. I am beginning to think that Ella may do it because she was credited as special guest star. She went from reoccurring to that, doesn’t look good for Ella.

Melissa is acting all suspicious again, I thought she was playing nice but that ended abruptly. She was supposedly in DC?? Sharpening her horns me thinks. The girls  look into Ali lookalike masks and come across an artist who made the mould of Ali’s face. Why on earth did Ali want a mould of her face??? To get information Emily agrees for the artist to have a mould of her own face. Although they are pretty slow on the uptake and barely ask him any questions. Aria gets her nosey on and finds a mould of Melissa’s face BUT WHY!!! What is this whole mask thing???

Spencer being all secretive with Toby breaks into Radley to get a better idea of how Toby’s mother killed herself. Turns out it would have been near impossible for her to jump from the window (mentioned in his mother’s file) and not land on the roof below.  Hmm things are not adding up right?? Where is all this going?

Alot of things were brought up this episode that it made me feel HMMPH and just plain confused. What will all this masks thing add up to and why is it important? Why is Melissa also having a mask important? SO MANY QUESTIONS