So turns out we were wrong that Jason was sharing a ride with Warlow, but this definitely has to be him.

24-06-2013 20-23-27

Quite an entrance.

It turns out that Jason (in True Blood fashion) has randomly met his great grandfather. And quite the grandfather he is. Like a scene from the Princess Diaries, Sookie finds out that she is royalty. Fairy royalty in fact but it comes with a price. Warlow has been obsessed with Sookie’s family for thousands of years. If I understood the family tree properly, Sookie’s great uncle made the pact (the one that Warlow could have Sookie) hundreds of years ago. Claudine managed to protect Sookie by launching him into another realm, which of course worked until now.

Finally we are getting some fairy answers and I am liking it. Hopefully we will see a flashback of the pact being agreed, I do believe there is more to that story than what we’ve been told. Sookie is learning more about her abilities, well while she still has them. Apparently if she practices enough she can create some supernova effect with her light and kill any vampire she wishes.

24-06-2013 20-56-27

Practice makes perfect.

I doubt that will go to plan, somehow I see her killing a vampire we already know. There have been rumours of a main character being killed so maybe that will be what happens!!! Sookie also met a new fairy character played by former Eastender Rob Kazinsky. The actor recently admitted he is pretty much naked the whole season. Who wants to make a bet that he is mostly naked with Sookie in the room??

While Sookie learns about her family history, Eric is trying to get some inside information about the Governor of Louisiana. He plans to glamour him and get him to make things go back to normal. This of course includes a disguise.

24-06-2013 21-15-29


Unfortunately the Governor is well aware of vampire’s abilities and is wearing special contact lenses that work against Glamouring. Eeeek… The government has also created bullets that radiate UV lights. We seen Tara get shot with one last week, luckily it was quickly removed. When the Eric’s plan fails he is ordered to be moved to some sort of facility??? They didn’t count for Eric’s flying abilities though and then this happened.

24-06-2013 20-53-41

…to hot floating creep.

Eric clearly the master of Plan Bs has moved onto the Governor’s daughter. She is contact lens free and at his disposal.  This facility that the Governor mentioned just screams concentration camp….more on that later.

Bill is in a dream like state for the majority of the episode. His entourage goes heavy on the sissy walk. Watch the girl in the very back, she is working that runway. She owned those quick 20 seconds of a bloody nudity scene. Her mother must be so proud.

24-06-2013 20-18-50

Bill’s Angels

Bill has gained some Bruce Almighty powers by being able to hear the pain of vampires around the world. It is soon revealed that Bill  has the ability to see into the future. With that revelation, we see a glimpse into the future and maybe the season finale (I am guessing here).

24-06-2013 21-01-12

You don’t want to look up.

First there was a concentration camp like facility now there will be a gas chamber (this one however has a skylight with a lovely view of the sun). This season is getting creepier and creepier by the minute. The vampires are going to be hunted down and persecuted like what was done to minorities before them. True Blood has always had nods to discrimination that is present in our lives today. Especially evident with the “God hate Fangs” sign seen in the titles at the start of every episode.

Besides those three main stories, there was small vignettes you could say featuring a couple of the minor characters.  We see Sam and Lafayette getting attacked by Alcide. Alcide has gone power mad and wants Luna’s daughter to be in his pack. There isn’t much more to comment on about that. We also see Andy pleading to Maurella to come and help him with his now 4 toddler daughters. They are growing at a rapid race so who knows what age they will be next week. Also Nora believes that the vampire bible was translated wrong, hopefully more on that titbit next week.

Good episode this week, the minor storylines (Alcide, Sam and Andy) are getting smaller as the weeks past. I hate it when they barely use fan favourite characters. The actors will get tired of having barely any screen time. Hopefully their roles will bulk at the season progresses.