tough crowd

Tough crowd Mona…

It doesn’t take long for Toby’s actions last week to start making the liars shake in their boots. The lair is gone and with it a whole lot of evidence that could get the girls in trouble and all eyes are on Mona. Fortunately for Mona, 5 minutes later she is attacked within metres of the others by A. Is Mona A’s new target or she is trying to make it look like that? During the attack Emily is injured, not a big deal for the other liars but Emily is on track to get a swimming scholarship to college with Paige.


She couldn’t have found a swimsuit with sleeves.

Emily feeling the pain resorts to medication. It is obvious that this scholarship is her only way into college because Maths is not her best subject. She clearly counted her tablets wrong and konks out in the middle of a race. It is not looking good for her future. And here we all were thinking she would escape A’s clutches…

Emily isn’t the only one having issues with colleges, Spencer just a rejection letter from one of hers. Isn’t Spencer a super genius? How did she not get in? Maybe it has something to do with her lurking around dead bodies and spending all her free time learning how to translate parrot speak (keep reading).

Spencer learns from her clueless moment last week and smells Toby’s odd behaviour. He cracks and tells her he gave A the lair. We learn that Toby’s mother suspiciously killed herself in Radley. According to files A has obtained, his mother was on the road to recovery. Has Toby’s mother got something to do with Ali’s death or the A Team?

Maybe all the parents have some secrets because Hanna’s mom is looking extra suspicious this week or maybe it is just the lighting they are using on her:


Her phone was found in Wilden’s coffin and now a suspicious pair of dirty heels. What has Ms. Marin been up to?? Hanna is on her case so I am assuming it something innocent. I am thinking she went back to the forest and seen his body was gone. In other Hanna news, she has some creepy interactions with Ali’s mom. She reveals that Ali used to hold her breath to get what she wants. Hmmm is that possible without holding your nose too?

19-06-2013 17-53-46

Ali’s mom such a gullible woman.

We also learn that Ali tricked her mom into having the girls over to their summer home. But the girls never went and beer cans were scattered around the house soon after? Who was Ali hanging round with?? Hanna also meets an old friend of Ali’s: her grandmother’s parrot. And that parrot is full of clues. God knows how Spencer got a phone number from a tune the parrot was singing. REACHING MUCH!! I will always be suspicious of Spencer. LET IT BE KNOWN.

Aria is at a loss this episode, she has no teachers to kiss. She rectifies this issue by going in search of martial arts lessons. Her teacher is of course is ugly and the lessons are strictly professional.


Within minutes of the lesson this happens….

Aria turned on by his teaching way makes a move and bolts. Even though he barely knew her name, he turns up at her house and asks for a date. Is this another suspicious character to look out for? There are so many at this point.

With this new cop, Ali’s mom and now this martial arts teacher are we meeting too many new crafty characters. A majority of the old suspicious characters are just gone. Melissa? Jenna? Wren? CeCe? Jason?? They better not end up dead, that is all I am saying.