True Blood is going through some changes this season, For starters Alan Ball is no longer the show runner. Time will tell whether this will be good or bad for the show. I am a massive True Blood fan so I am hoping for good. Last year got confusing with the Lillith storyline, so hopefully with the new show runner it will find new interesting grounds to work with.

Last season we seen Bill die and then come back to life all in the span of 2 minutes. When we first see Bill this season, he has lost his mind and clothes but gained some new powers. The ability to make stuff shake, who doesn’t love that power. He also can’t killed by a stake through the heart which Sookie has learnt this week. 17-06-2013 19-44-16

That awkward moment when you try to kill your ex and it doesn’t work…

Hopefully Bill moves on with this whole “I am a god” phase and just start stalking Sookie at the bar again. I miss those days. I was surprised at the lack of Bill scenes but I am assuming it has to do with him (Stephen Moyer) also directing the episode. 

This season we are going to be seeing more into Sookie’s family history considering the vampire who killed her parents has arrived in town. Enter the ORIGINAL master from the Buffy flop 1992 film. Warlow, the former ghostly vampire apparition has took physical form and looks like he ready to cause some trouble!! He even looks like he is still dressed in character for Buffy. 

17-06-2013 19-43-29

This should be interesting and from the sounds of Eric’s sister, he is related to the Lillith storyline. Hopefully Sookie’s wasting powers get a recharge and she can zap his ass away. She won’t have any help considering she kicked Eric out of her house only a few minutes after he gives her back her grandmother’s house.  All done with a simple contract:

17-06-2013 19-46-06

Sookie, seriously get some pens for your house. 

Yes in vampire tradition, Eric signs a contract with his blood and hands over the house to Sookie. His sister looks super pissed about it and will no doubt do some snooping in the future. I am assuming she is becoming a regular this season. 

What is everyone else up to? Jason is still seeing the ghosts of his dead parents and is anti vampire again. He also has a little run in with Warlow. Andy is struggling to come to terms with the fact he has 4 fairy babies and thank god they are growing at a rapid pace. By the end of the episode they are like 5 years old,  hopefully by next week they will 18 and we can have some cool new supernatural characters. Alcide is being….17-06-2013 19-44-57


He is now pack master and from the looks of it POWER MAD. If it involves him being naked more I’M IN!!! His girlfriend has gone all kinds of crazy though, apparently she enjoys being his “NUMBER ONE BITCH”. I am assuming that soon changes, jealousy just seems worse for wolves. Do you all remember his ex girlfriend Debbie who came for Sookie with a gun 2 seasons ago???

Tara and Pam are feeling the pain of the new regime of anti-vampires floating around Bon Temps. With vampire run establishments in trouble no doubt Pam is going to be looking elsewhere for entertainment. The hate towards vampires is being spear headed by the Governor of Louisiana. He is up to something and I haven’t a clue what it is?? Why is he looking to make alliances with the makers of True Blood? Does he want to poison it?? Colour me intrigued. 

It was a good season opener overall, I was hoping for more of an altercation between Bill and Eric but that didn’t happen. Hopefully drama will heighten and the cast and plot will be more unified. It just seems like so much is happening that it is hard to remember everyone that is involved in the show. For example, I felt Sam and Lafayette had a very small role in the first episode. Sam got two scenes and Lafayette got one with Sam. Hopefully they will see more airtime later on.