Man of Steel

I was worried when it was announced another Superman film was in the works especially since the bomb that was Superman Returns. He returned six years ago but nobody was interested in what he had to say. My interest was soon piqued when it was revealed that Christopher Nolan and Zack Synder were going to be involved. Sydner makes the most incredible action scenes from 300, Sucker Punch and now to Man of Steel and Nolan just knows how to approach a classic superhero tale from a different angle.

This film differs from the original films and Superman Returns because it focuses more on Superman’s home planet Krypton. From its’ destruction, its’ history and to its’ possible future. I don’t think we have ever been given such an in-depth look at the planet on-screen. The origin story of Superman is of course regurgitated and I’m sure there are some complaints about sitting through another version of it. People must remember that the role of Superman is so iconic that we’ve seen the character as a baby travel to earth via spaceship in several incarnations (the animated show, classic films, several television shows including Lois and Clark and Smallville).  In the case of Man of Steel, I think they did a good job by using flashbacks to show Clark’s growth as a superhero and by introducing a Krypton we have never seen before on-screen.

Superman’s nemesis in the film is General Zod, who also appeared in the classic films. The character is more sinister and developed in comparison to Superman 2. His motives explain his actions which is to keep the race of Krypton alive. Who can disagree with that mantra? He along with other menacing characters who have escaped the Phantom Zone (did anyone else notice when they were originally sent to the Phantom Zone their method of transport were giant dildos, just saying) are on a mission to rid the Earth of humans and replace them with Kryptonians.

Something else that has turned upside down in this film series is that Lois Lane is well aware of Superman’s true identity. But why? Was it not fun to see Lois Lane get angry at Clark when he miraculously vanishes out of thin air. My opinion, we’ve seen it happen so often now why not change it a little??? Besides, if Lois Lane can save the world several times why can she not spot that Clark is Superman just because he wears glasses. Lets give the woman her props.

Although the movie was 2 hours long, it was 2 hours of Superman goodness. Who doesn’t want to look at Henry Cavill for 2 hours, that man fills the suits SOOO well!! I enjoyed it and I am especially excited for a sequel. With the origin story out of the way it leaves room for something new. Please not another Lex Luthor story though, I liked the LexCorp truck cameo but NOO…very overused villain at this point. I would eat my words though if he is written to be more Jokeresque.