They clearly have a funeral section in their wardrobes….

The liars are back and it looks like they are adding a new member MONA!!! Has she been rejected by Team A or is this another notch in Mona’s master plan to destroy the girls?? For almost 2 months we have been wondering “What the hell is in the trunk?” It was too clichéd to be a dead body, so of course it was a rotting dead pig. I was kind of hoping for it to be Melissa to really shake shit up but no…eventually a new corpse arrives in the form of Wilden. No longer will the girls be harassed by the cops or will they? Mona gets her  espionage on and steals the harddrive with the video of Hanna’s mom mowing down poor Wilden in the first place. Is she looking to get some brownie points from Hanna or is Hanna’s mom in on all of this aswell???…. SOOOO MANY QUESTIONS

Weave Watch:

Fresh from promoting Spring Breakers, Ashley Benson had dyed her hair brown so obviously didn’t return with her signature blonde locks for Hanna. This week I learnt fresh new ways to hide the fact that I’m wearing a wig.


wig 2

We do approve of her new dirty blonde hair seen in the funeral scenes and wherever else she wasn’t hiding her lace front.

Other new plot points in the season include Paige getting all pushy with Emily to move to California with her after high school. Damn girl why you gotta be so clingy. Something obviously happens to botch that plan, if you’re a popular regular in a television show you do not leave the state to go to college. Sorry Paige, Emily is staying put.

Ezra is playing happy families while again putting Aria in an awkward position by returning to teach at her school. That boy is getting sleazier by the second.

12-06-2013 20-42-37

You just know that he is waiting his time before he makes a move on her…..

Spencer is yet again being a dumbass and trusting her boyfriend completely especially when just a few days ago he was off doing WHO KNOWS WHAT for A.

12-06-2013 20-45-55That face just screams I JUST GOT THREATENED BY A….

Have we ever seen Toby’s mother before? I am assuming she went missing and obviously his father went and got hitched with Jenna’s mother. What a predicament he has got himself into and of course he caves and gives A the lair by the end of the episode. Hopefully he will have redeemed himself by emptying the damn lair of all incriminating evidence against the girls.

And finally….

12-06-2013 20-49-46

Did nobody else want to go over and snatch at that bitch’s veil?? This is Rosewood people, when you see somebody as suspicious as that in your vicinity you must corner them pronto.

This season premiere had it all: dead bodies, funeral, a new threatening cop, new suspects, vague answers (as usual) and a cryptic message from Jenna (is she being killed or just off to enjoy her maternity leave) .